The Do’s and Don’ts of a Wedding Registry

There is one essential part of your wedding which might bring you the most joy after the big day is finished. You and your spouse return home to find presents piled up just waiting to be opened. That’s the joy of a wedding registry. Creating your registry is one of the many purely fun parts of planning your wedding. Going to a store with your future husband or wife and choosing all the items you’d love to have for your home is a special time for the two of you to share. While creating your registry might seem like a pretty simple task, building a registry that is actually beneficial to both you, as well as your wedding guests, takes time and a little bit of planning. If you’re curious as to how you should build your wedding registry then check out some of the tips below.

Going Hog Wild

Remember how excited you were for Christmas or your birthday as a kid? Your focus was on presents. You couldn’t wait to see all the new stuff you got and the thought of ripping off the wrapping paper kept you up at night. This can easily happen when it comes time to start your registry. Going through the store can be overwhelming. Simply put – the store has a lot of items. A lot of items you would love for your home. In fact, there are so many amazing items in any given store that it’s easy to leave with hundreds of things on your list without even realizing it. That’s where the hog wild term comes in. Walking through your favorite store with a scanner gun giddy with wedding bliss can lead to your wedding registry growing a little too big to handle. Before heading to the store you should always sit down with your partner and discuss what items you truly need for your home. Staples like linens, cookware, and kitchenware are all high on the list. If you already have those items in stock from other family members or past purchases then move on to other areas which might be helpful – décor and household essentials.

Include Several Known Stores

One major mistake some couples go in for when planning their registry is picking a single store for everything. It might seem like a simple way to keep your list in order, but keep in mind that guests may want a variety of places to choose from. Not to mention the prices from store to store vary. Technology has made it extremely easy for most wedding guests to pop online, search through your registry, and order something nice in under a few minutes. Online-only stores may be appealing due to price or ease of access but think about your guests. Older guests may be more inclined to visit the store in person to pick out their items. Choosing stores which appeal only to tech-savvy friends may end with limited items from your registry if guests are unable to order online. While choosing a few of your favorite niche stores online is fine, try to include some bigger well-known chains as well. That way all members of your wedding day will be able to choose something beautiful from your wedding registry.

No Personal Items

This notch on the list might be a hard pill to swallow for some brides and grooms. That new shaving set might really help get your wedding off on the right foot. Plus those designer shoes you’ve been dying to purchase will really brighten up your new closet, right? Sadly these arguments don’t really hold up when it comes time for you to create your registry. Trying to build a registry with a lot of personal items is tacky in the wedding world. Your wedding registry should always be a reflection of what you need as a couple. These items should help you flourish in your new home or get you ready for living together. Some of the gifts will be essential to helping you operate once you return from your honeymoon. As much as a wedding registry might seem like it’s all about you and your partner, it’s really about you as a couple. It’s tempting to add a few items here and there that fall into the personal gift category but do your best to resist. Find a beautiful lamp or a nice rug instead and add that to your list.


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