Ways You Can Reuse Your Old Bridesmaid Dress

The role of bridesmaid is an oft-talked about position in the wedding. You’re usually an acquaintance of the bride, related to the bride, or have known the bride since you were both toddling around in diapers. Whatever your relationship there are certain rules every bridesmaid is expected to follow. This ran range from being a drama bomb diffuser to helping plan small parts of the wedding. The pluses of being a bridesmaid always outweigh the negatives. – though one sore spot is usually the most popular subject amongst bridesmaids. What do you do with the bridesmaid dress that isn’t likely to be something you can wear out to any other occasion? Below are some ways to upcycle your bridesmaid dress into something you’ll be proud to have in your closet.

Trendy Skirt: While the upper portion of your dress might not always be salvageable, the lower part might be worthy of a little creative thinking. If your dress is form-fitting then it could be tailored into a upscale version of a pencil skirt. Dresses with a larger skirt could be made into a big, beautiful skirt that makes a bold statement.

Little Black Dress: Depending on what kind of dress you are left with after the wedding, this next idea might be perfect for your upcycling project. Dyeing your bridesmaid dress black is one good way to get the most out of your purchase. A little black dress is a must have for any wardrobe. Plus, a formal black dress can also come in handy during the holiday season when you have work parties to attend.

Trash Your Dress: A popular post-wedding event these days is all about trashing your dress for a photoshoot. Check with your bride or other bridesmaids if you want to get a group together to trash your dresses in one, magical photoshoot. It can be a great way to have fun with a dress you’re likely to never use again and make a memory you’ll be able to share with friends.+

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