Building a Wedding Day Emergency Kit

Your wedding day is a finely tuned event. For months, probably even years you have been diligently trying to get every moment of the day perfect. There is a lot you can control on that day. You can make sure your guests are comfortable and happy. The color of your dress, decorations, and table linens has been perfected to your specifications. Your dress looks amazing and all your bridesmaids are perfect. So while all of those things you can be certain about, there is a whole mountain of issues that can arise on your wedding day. Guests can get lost, stains happen, sickness sets in, allergies flare up, and a lot of other random ‘what-if’ moments. To prepare for that cut shin or Scope on your wedding dress, all brides need an emergency kit packed with the essentials. Below are some tips on preparing your perfect emergency kit and being ready for all the randomness that goes down on your big day.

Stain and Rip Repair

Attending a wedding doesn’t automatically make accidents and mistakes stop. In fact, it usually invites them in for a drink and a dance. There is a lot that can happen fashion-wise. Have you heard the story of the bride getting wine on her gown? Or the one about the bridesmaid ripping her dress right before the show gets started? That’s because those things actually happen. One minute you’re laughing and drinking a little wine to calm your nerves. The next you’re dribbling wine down the side of your dress. You’ll immediately panic and then be forever grateful for your emergency wedding kit. In your kit you should always keep miniatures of items you will definitely need. A Tide pen is perfect for getting rid of stains. You’ll also want to keep a needle and some different colored thread on hand for when there’s a snag or a tear. If you aren’t too handy with a needle or thread, there will more than likely be someone in the crowd who knows how to sew decently enough to get your dress back to looking lovely.

Lotions and Potions

Your wedding day is a pretty nervous occasion. No matter how much you prepare or how confident you are in everything you’ve planned, there’s still a little side of you that’s nervous for the entire day to go off without a hitch. This can lead to that awkward occasion known as massive sweating. Yes, it’s something you don’t really want to think about on your wedding day. As a bride you are supposed to be the shining example of grace in your beautiful dress. Sweating has no part to play in your big day. Unfortunately your body doesn’t actually know it’s supposed to be on its best behavior so it sweats as per usual when you get nervous. To combat this issue, keep a mixture of lotions and your favorite scents. It will come in handy not only for you, but also for any bridesmaids or family members who may fall victim to the sweating curse. Deodorant, perfume, baby wipes, and lotion are always good to have in your emergency kit.

A Snack

This is one item in your emergency kit which you may never think about. Keeping a snack in your emergency makes a little more sense when you consider how stressed out some brides get on their big day. Sometimes in order to have a beautiful dress, you have to be a tiny bit uncomfortable in the process. Purchasing your gown from a specialty boutique like Labella Bridal will help you choose the right gown for your body type, but for some women a gown may still be uncomfortable. Discomfort can lead to nerves; nerves can lead to lower blood sugar and by the time you’re about to talk down the aisle you are feeling a little on the wrong side of faint. A quick snack will help alleviate any worries you might have about getting too hungry while preparing for your big walk. Try to include a snack you really love. It might be a little on the unhealthy side, but a little treat will help you calm down for a few minutes and also keep your blood sugar from dipping too low.

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