A Bride’s Guide to Getting Married

One of the biggest days of your life has finally arrived. You’re now engaged and ready to start planning the big day. It doesn’t matter if the big day happens within the next few months or the next year, getting married is full of stress. It’s actually ranked in the top 10 most stressful events in your lifetime. Every bride will handle the day a different way but now and again a bridge might need a little bit of encouragement that her day will turn out well. So below is a simple guide to getting married. Remember these facts during the planning stages and on the big day and everything else should work out fine!

Your Wedding Day Will Be Perfectly Flawed

If asked about a funny story from their wedding more often than not a bride can shoot one off from the top of her head. Usually the story involves something that just didn’t go right on the day or before the actual wedding. They’ll laugh now but at the time it probably wasn’t so funny. Even with all the crazy happenings on the big day most prides, when asked if their wedding was perfect, will answer yes. That’s because wedding days are usually perfectly flawed. The flaws give you something to look back on and laugh about. Maybe the groom was stuck in traffic and found himself late to his wedding day. The bride might have stepped on and tore part of her dress before she was about to walk down. There are a huge number of things that can go wrong on the big day. That’s just how weddings are. Even with all the flaws that seem like they are going to destroy your fairytale wedding, they never do. And eventually they make for some pretty great stories.

Panicking Is Not An Option

If you flip on television then you are bound to run across a show where the bride is having some sort of horrible fit, crying, and panicking. Going online will reveal stories of panic on the big day and during the planning stages that rival wartime panic. This is because a bride tends to learn towards the panic of it all when it comes to her big day. It’s easy to get overwhelmed and feel like the only possible reaction to something is to panic. You’re planning this huge event and you not only want your family to be happy, but you also want anyone attending to have a great time as well. The sense of panic is easy to get overwhelmed with and when things start falling apart the need to panic starts rising. Never fear, though. Panicking about your wedding or on the wedding day will happen now and again. It shouldn’t happen often though. If you spend your whole wedding panicking about this and that it will lead to one big panic attack. No bride looks good while she’s panicking.

Bridezilla Is Not A Wise Choice

It’s pretty easy to slip into the role of Bridezilla. Once you get the ring on your finger it should not automatically give you the power to become a Bridezilla. Sure, it might be funny to laugh at these types of brides on television. It’s not so funny when friends and family have to deal with you during the process of planning your wedding. Being a Bridezilla can also be very detrimental to your relationships. If your groom sees you behaving in the opposite way he knows you to be then it might give him pause. The same goes for your friends and family members. No good friend should be berated and yelled at for forgetting to do something simple. If your friends are trying to help you and they aren’t doing things how you want to them to, take over the job but don’t yell about it. Family members might not be too pleased with how you behave either. One word too far and you might find yourself without any help on the big day.

Slow Down And Commit Things To Memory

You’ve heard it all before. Your wedding day goes fast. Planning the wedding goes fast. Before you know it the big day has arrived, is over with, and you’re on your honeymoon. It all seems to go by in the blink of an eye. As hard as it might be to slow down and remember things, you should. Take pictures, write notes, or even keep a journal I you want to. Remembering these little moments will make things a lot more special when the wedding is all done and over with. Sure you will have weddings pictures to look back on years after the day has passed. Those are immensely important. Yet remembering what came before is also important. You’ll laugh about stressing over some small issue and feel pleased about how it all came together in the end. So commit these small things to memory. One day you’ll want to look back on them and even show it off to your children.

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