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Old, new and something blue. Tradition has it that no matter what, a beautiful and memorable wedding calls for a touch of elegance from the tradition, something floral and funky and the oomph factor that makes your special day a memory of a lifetime! 2018 is going to be filled with some exciting bold and beautiful wedding trends. If you’re an engaged couple, this is where you’ll find everything you need to make your wedding a wonderful day to remember.

The Venue

Couples planning a unique wedding are now willing to make bolder statements about the place they pick. Want to pick a venue that reflects your unique taste in style? Literally think outside the box. Historic libraries, rustic large homes with sprawling backyards, big theatre halls with older architecture, are some of the unexpected venues that set the stage and the mood for your special day. Had your first date at a farmhouse? Plan your wedding far from the chaos surrounded by nature. Have the same taste in music? Pick a huge concert hall and rock the day to your own beat!

Funk Up the Sweets

The stage might set the mood, but the devil always lies in the details. As Shannon Alder said, “When you love someone or something, don’t be a slow leaking faucet – be a hurricane.” As traditional it is to be obsessed with the wedding cake and likes, this is the year to swipe your guests away with something truly experimental. More brides are going for a separate dessert table instead of a final course. You get to choose a variety of desserts including meringues, cookies, pops, cheesescake, caramel shots, and velvet cakes. On the much brighter side, everyone finds what they love and more dessert to go around. 

Play with the Texture!

The one thing that makes your wedding truly memorable for your guests is the experience. The more attention to detail, the more meaningful it becomes. Don’t be afraid to play with textures in all sorts of elements to bring in some depth to your entire wedding scene. Assorted linens, laser cut place mats, wax seals on menus, different table tops for different reception tables are just some of the ideas that would definitely raise some eyebrows as your guests walk in. 

Go Black!

This time, with a bang! It is the trend of the adventurous and the daring – pulled out straight from the latest fashion trends. Accent your beautiful wedding with a touch of black. Find ribbons, invitations, linens, grace bouquets. Or if you’re the brave heart we really know you are, go for black chairs and chargers, and you can punctuate them beautifully with gold cutlery and glassware. Brides of 2018 are also thinking touches of black ink on a glass for signage. An absolutely stunning wedding reception with a hint of the Gatsby feel, yet still retaining the elegance of the traditional wedding décor.

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Popping the question to your special someone is thrilling. A yes from your partner is something to cherish you’ll feel like you can’t wait for everyone to know that you’re going to tie the knot.

Engagement announcement have increasingly become a unique part of the wedding itself. Most couples tend to announce their engagement through a photo or card. We gathered some of the top unique ideas you might want for your engagement announcement. 

A love note

A love note that has written words like “I said yes” says it all. Taking a photo holding the note by your hand with the ring in view is something unique and mysterious at the same time. To put a twist on the photo, scribble messages, or get a customized piece made, or even just write it on the palm of your hand.

Sealing with a kiss

This is a very sweet photo idea. Make the photo unique to you as a couple. Some make their favorite place the location of their photo. Whether in the middle of a city or on top of a mountain, have it reflect what you love to do as a couple. Showing off your personality as a couple will be the cherry on top.

A sip of bubbly

Since it is really a celebration time why not announce it with a glass of champagne held by your hand showing the ring. To make it more fun why not have a sip of champagne, and sip from one another’s glasses.

Do the photo with your pet

Isn’t it sweet to have your pet with you in the photo? You can make it unique by using some flashcard or photo frame with a message like “mommy and daddy are getting married” or show your playful side with the paw of your cat or dog with your ring underneath. There’s no reason your furry companion should be left in the dark!

Just the two of you

The two of you in a photo and a ring can tell it all. But let’s make it more romantic and unique like adding some effects. Make it black and white are classic but romantic or you can put on a couple’s statement shirt. Or make it with a bang of confetti for a truly celebratory image. Show off your fun side with wacky faces of a photo booth-like shot. But the most important thing of all is the joy that is felt from your photo that can be shared with everyone.

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Planning and designing a winter wedding can be a challenge, but not anymore. There are various décor ideas that one can implement to avoid a ‘Frosty the Snowman’ look while maintaining romance and elegance of the nuptial event. We look at some of the creative and elegant ways to spice up the look of your event.

Rustic surroundings

A natural and seasonal detail demonstrates warmth despite the chilly winter weather. To bring out the rustic features, you can use tree slices or cinnamon placed on one corner to inspire a holiday spirit inexpensively. Sprigs of fir can also be used to bring out the romantic look. Depending on the look you want to achieve, you can choose from a wide range of elements such as rockwork, fireplace or hardwood floors.

Lantern centerpieces

Add coziness to your winter wedding by using lantern centerpieces. In this case, you can use candle lanterns that have white enamel finish or glass panes that have lattice-designed cutouts. Whether you use the lights as one or in groups, they have a creative way of bringing out a magical ambiance to any setting especially in the evening. Why not go for the lanterns to bring out that romantic aura?

Pinecone Bouquet

These are DIY bouquet that can save you cash if done in the right way. To make this bouquet, you’ll need a few resources such as a cute hankie, about 20 small pine cones, floral wire strands, scissors and wire cutters. Additionally, you may need dried filler flowers as well as a decorative corsage tape which is brown. Where can you get these supplies? Majority of them are available in craft stores near you at a friendly price. Pinecones can be used anywhere for your winter wedding to bring out an elegant rustic look.

Ballroom wedding

A ballroom setting is where glamour meets luxury, fun and fashion. The focal element of decoration, in this case, is the floor where dancing will take place. They’re particularly useful when you have many guests. Additionally, ballroom settings are customizable for a more intimate affair. To bring out the best experience, consider paying attention to dimensions for an eye-level beauty since the guests will be seated for the better part of your auspicious event.

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Often couples face the dilemma of what exactly they should offer guests at their happy hour. There’s more to the food at your wedding than a plain main course meal by adding in some creativity. You can express your unique personality through some of the following ideas that will inspire you.

Coffee desserts

Satisfy your guests’ craving for caffeine in a unique and delicious way using coffee-infused desserts. Not only does it keep the guests awake, but it also keeps them out on the dance floor. An example of this dessert is frappucinos which are Starbucks-inspired. You may add decaf options to it using flavored frothed milk. Another classic example of a coffee dessert is a coffee ice cream cake that is ultimately worth the splurge!

Cheese wheel cakes

Glam your pre-reception cheese and wine hour using cakes made from cheese wheels. While these cakes may not replace the traditional wedding cake, they ensure your guest is in for some unique surprise. Each layer of these cakes is made of a different flavor such as smoky gouda, creamy goat cheese or some crispy bread on its side which adds more flavor.


Surprise your guests to some nonalcoholic drinkable shooters when it comes to the cocktail hour. Examples of these shooters include stacks of chopped veggies and cold gazpacho soup all of which are garnished with freshly cut herbs. A chorizo and shrimp appetizer that has roasted pepper soup may also serve as a delicious soup shooter at your wedding. Alternatively, spiced butternut squashes-and-pear could also be a perfect soup shooter.

Barbecue breakfast

For an outdoor wedding, a barbecue breakfast is a perfect option that demonstrates creativity in a relaxed yet affordable way, especially for a large scale wedding. The food becomes a showcase by itself in this case. Themes for the barbecue may range from South African Braais to Argentine Asandos which add creativity to the set-up. It’s important to remember that, for a perfect barbeque, it all lies in the details. Set the mood right with things such as creative utensils display or any mason jar idea you may have gathered and showcase it in full glory.

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More than ever before, wedding trends are getting bigger in 2017. Couples are getting creative to make their big day more memorable. While some of these trends are relatively new, we expect that they will be witnessed for longer periods of time. In particular, the new big trends have seen reception areas become more romantic in a moderate but exciting way. This is not forgetting the invitation to flowers and some other more major trends as we are going to see below.

Exceptional setting

2017 has seen guests warming up to more surprises that make the event unforgettable. Couples are personalizing their wedding in any place that the wedding takes place, be it a distinct building or large plot of land. For example, décor trends are becoming favorable to natural looks which bring out a forest effect. Natural elements such as wood and stones are enhancing the table settings to add a unique vibe. On the other hand, indoor receptions are transforming through image mapping which is a projection technology that incorporates lights as well as moving pictures. Additionally, there is a particular preference for old-school styles such as cascade and pageant.

Fun Food

At the center of any great wedding, is a memorable feast. Some of the biggest trends in 2017 have seen a change from the usual sit-down dinner to more interactive alternatives. In the case where a couple decides to go the plated dinner way still, they are hosting amazing cocktail hours while serving the main meal in a family style. Self-serve bars combined with food installations such as hanging acrylic shelf that is filled with cheese is yet another big trend for 2017. As for the food itself, fruit cakes are consistently being used to give guests what they want. It’s a bit of fun and yum trend!

Unmatched Entertainment

Fun is part of making the event unforgettable. Performances of the classical quartet, as well as ballerinas in tutus, are a traditional yet trendy way of entertaining the guests in 2017. As for the modernity lovers an aerialist and, in some cases, a choir can belt out the favorite couples’ Beyonce song. Another obsessing trend in the entertainment scene is the use of headphones by the guests instead of the typical blasting from speakers which makes it a cool silent disco.

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Celebrating your big day means including all of the things you hold most dear. You gather up your best friends, family members, favorite foods, favorite music, and even your four-legged family members. Celebrating your big day with your beloved pet is a trend that has changed to a tradition for many couples. A wedding without man’s best friend just wouldn’t be the same! Integrating your pet into your wedding festivities is easier than you might think. There are endless ways to make sure your furry friend is a memorable part of your big day.

Ring Bearer

Depending on how well your dog is trained, this activity might be best given to a member of your human family as opposed to a canine one. If your dog is well behaved and follows simple commands without the worry that he or she will run off into the great beyond with your rings in tow then why not have them perform the ring bearer duties? Wearing a collar with a simple bag attached, or even carrying a lightweight basket down the aisle can make your beloved companion an important (and cute) part of your big day.

Guest Greeter

Who doesn’t love being greeted by a happy dog waiting to welcome them to a wedding? Having your pooch act as the official wedding greeter can instantly put people at ease and round the day out with total happiness from start to finish. Locating your dog by the entry to your wedding – with a human companion, of course – can be the perfect way to show off your pooch as well as have them fill a role that might ordinarily be overlooked at most weddings.

Walking Companion

While many brides have a family member walk them down the aisle, some brides have also opted to have another member of the family at their side. Walking down the aisle with your pooch can be an extra special way to honor your furry best friend. Having someone waiting at the end of the walk to take your pet’s leash is a perfect way to include your companion in the big day without it getting out of hand. As with the above tips, this depends on the personality and behavior of your pooch. Getting pulled down the aisle when your dog sees a squirrel or smells something new may not go over too well.

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Planning a summer wedding can be one of the most exciting parts of your big day. It’s the time of the year where people are ready to party, celebrate each other, and have the time of their lives. So what better way to put on a show for your big day than to throw the best summer wedding possible? Splash your big day with the unique joys of hot days and warm nights. If you are looking to incorporate some entertaining bits to the overall theme of your summer wedding then check out these tips to make your day even more unforgettable.

Refreshing Signature Drink

It doesn’t matter what kind of theme you’re going with – there’s a refreshing drink just waiting to be made. Having a signature drink at your wedding can add that little something extra which will have guests talking about the big day for months to come. A signature drink can be either alcoholic or non-alcoholic which makes it a perfect treat for everyone in the family. Work your caterer to create a drink that is both yummy and reflects aspects of your wedding theme, or even the two of you as a couple. It’s sure to be a tasty hit!

Cooling Down

Keeping guests cool at a summer wedding is yet another area in which unique twists are a small way to wow the crowd. Having a “cool down zone” is not only a fun idea but it’s important to the health and happiness of those attending your big day. The cool zone can have special misting fans, paper fans which double as gifts, and a refreshment station with drinks as well as cold snacks. Your cooldown station can double as the perfect place for guests to meet for conversation. Every good wedding needs the place for guests to gather. Why not make a splash with a place for catching up and cooling down?

Summer Station

With all the great things about summer comes…some not great things. Depending on where you live in the world there may be extra guests at the reception including mosquitoes and other annoying bugs. That’s where an all-in-one summer station comes in. Load up a table with everything from bug spray to clip-on bug repellants. Include wipes for those looking to freshen up their makeup or hair, spray deodorant for anyone in need, neutral perfumes or body sprays, soft hand sanitizers, and whatever else your guests might need to look their best as you party on into the evening. Remember, little touches make the biggest impact. Keeping these tips in mind can give your summer wedding a little more sizzle.

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Weddings can usually leave your pockets a little lighter than they once were. Wallets may be bone dry by the time you say “I do”. While throwing one wedding to remember is always worth it, consider what comes immediately after your wedding day – the honeymoon. When budgeting for your wedding day it’s important to set aside some funds for the first big trip you and your spouse take as a married couple. Fortunately there are plenty of honeymoon alternatives to staying in a luxury hotel or traveling around the world to indulge in that won’t take more than its fair share of your wedding budget.


Looking for a unique setting to start your married life in? Glamping has slowly become a fun, unique way to spend a few days getting in touch with nature. If you aren’t too keen on being one with nature then glamping is ideal. Instead of flimsy, cheap tends you’re more likely to stay in beautiful yurts or elegant canvass tends with plus beds as well as easy access to beautiful surroundings. If you’re willing to try something truly unique then camper rentals may also be the perfection option for a honeymoon you’ll never forget – though it won’t be because of the price.

Home Rentals

Airbnb type rental sites are continuing to dominate the industry. More people are choosing to avoid expensive rental properties and opt for something a little more personal. Properties can be found that are way below average for hotels in the area, plus some come with amazing amenities from thoughtful homeowners. If you prefer to travel on your honeymoon then consider this option.

A ‘Few-Day-Stay’

While this option might not be the most appealing of the group it has begun to gain traction where couples are concerned. Instead of taking the whole week to enjoy your honeymoon, rent a nice place for three days at most. Less days means you can afford a nicer destination, can get home and settle quicker, and generally feel refreshed instead of frazzled once your week away is up.


For all your bridal needs before the big day stop by Labella Bridal for the latest trends and lowest prices in town!

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It’s a question every couple has to answer during the course of planning their wedding. Invite children to your wedding or let parents know they need to arrange a babysitter for the big day. The decision can cause hurt feelings, guests not showing, or children running through your reception with handfuls of cake ready to smear it on whatever is closest. If you’re going all in and inviting every member of the family then you’ll be happy to know there are a few ways to make sure both children and adults have a fun day.

Hire a Professional

This is one of the easiest solutions to making sure children at your wedding have a place to be themselves and enjoy the day apart from the adults. Hire a professional performer to keep the kids entertained. This could be anything from puppeteers, magicians, clowns, balloon artists, or even face painters if you’re feeling very bold. These professionals are the perfect way to have the best of both worlds – adults are happy and kids are having fun.

 Kids’ Menu

There is definitely a chance that children might like your offering lobster salad on endive spears or those delightful gruyere-and-parmesan beignets. There’s an even greater chance they’ll love small ham and cheese sandwiches or hotdogs. Having a section for kids to sit during the reception can also benefit from having a kids’ menu to round out the appeal for children.

A Room for Children

This option will depend on the season. For cold weather months, having a specific room for children at your wedding stocked with toys or some sort of entertainment is a great option. Having a movie party might even be a great way to keep kids interested. In warm months you can section off an area for kids. Ask parents to bring children a change of clothes for after pictures and set out sprinklers for an exciting treat on a hot day.

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It’s one of the biggest issues you might find yourself dealing with during the course of planning your wedding, but it’s also one that gets the least amount of airplay in bridal magazines or online. Dealing with annoying bridesmaids? Check. Ideas for keeping your groomsmen on time for the big day? Tons of ideas for that. But when it comes to maneuvering around overbearing in-laws during the planning phase…that one is a little harder to figure out. Each circumstance dealing with in-laws will obviously be a little different but here are a few tips to help keep the sailing smooth.

Dole Out Organized Jobs

Your in-laws might just be the slightest bit controlling about what they want to see in the wedding. Ideas can turn to arguments at a moment’s notice. Instead of trying to dance around every suggestion, why not avoid the conflict altogether and have pre-planned jobs for your in-laws to take on? This is a perfect way to remove any sort of space for confrontations. With jobs already planned out (to the t, mind you) there won’t be any reason for a disagreement.

Communication Helps

Talking things out might not always be the end all, solve all solution to your issues with in-laws and wedding planning. Although talking through any issues you share might be a good starting point. While it might seem like an easy option to just storm out or throw your hands up after the fifth time of discussing why you want the wedding processional to happen a certain way, explaining your thoughts might help your cause a lot more.

Patience is a Virtue

The most important thing you can do when dealing with frustrating in-laws is to remember that patience is the perfect weapon in your arsenal. Remember that this is your wedding – no matter what. Your spouse is on your team to make sure your wedding, the one the two of you plan, is exactly what you want. Patience will keep you sane when in-laws step over the line from interested to overbearing.

And if things get too dicey you can always elope in the Caribbean!

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