Planning a Bridal Shower

The bridal shower, also known as the couples shower, is like the cherry on top after all the main wedding planning is complete. Luckily the bride need not worry about the bridal shower. Taking up the reins for the event are friends, family, or members of the bridal party in general. Contrary to popular belief, the maid or matron of honor doesn’t necessarily have to be at the head of planning the bridal shower. In modern times the shower planning falls into the lap of an entire group rather than one particular person which means more hands on deck to help plan a beautiful shower. If you’ve never been to a bridal shower or heard of one before, check out the tips below on how to throw an amazing shower that the bride will love.

Question the Bride

This one seems a little stauncher than it actually is. But questioning the bride is going to give you a lot more to go on than trying to pull ideas out of thin air. While the bride may be busy trying to get some last minute wedding business complete there is a good chance she’ll have a few minutes to sit down and discuss her wedding shower. Get a list together beforehand so you’re prepared. Does she want a nice restaurant or a casual BBQ? Does the bride want just her close friends there or will it be a true couple’s shower – meaning her partners friends as well. Decide on a few key components she would like to see at the shower. Her favorite drink, colors she likes, and any other things you think will bowl her over. At the end of the day your group should decide what goes and what stays. While the bride won’t be planning the whole thing herself, it’s always important to get her input. Asking questions now can avert disaster later when a whole flock of people show up to a shower they weren’t invited to in the first place.

Narrow Down Guests

Just like the wedding planning, deciding on guests for the shower is just as vital to a successful event. If your bride just wants her closest girlfriends attending the shower then plan accordingly. As hard as it is to cut some people off the list it’s vital to keeping your budget for the event under control. There will always be a few superfluous names on the list that can be removed. The bride will more than likely have a good idea of names she would like to invite. If the bride puts your group completely in charge of planning the entire shindig with zero input on her end then err on the side of caution. Don’t let your guest list swell to be the same size as the wedding guest list. Keep the shower list simple. Invite her closest friends, family members you think she’ll want there, and avoid inviting anyone who may not add to the happiness level of the bride or the couple.

Don’t Overdo It

Want to show the bride how much you love her? An over the top bridal shower is probably not the best way to go about this. Overdoing the shower will make it look like you’re trying to compete with the wedding day. The most common type of bridal shower, or even the couple shower, is an intimate event with close friends and family. It’s a way for the bride to relax before the main event. Your group of planners should take this into consideration before starting the process. A huge event is less likely to go over well. Blowing money on food, décor, and reservations at the hottest place in town will put more tension on the couple than is necessary as they worry over how much your group has spent on a single evening for them. A huge guest list will also leave them spending most of the night making sure they have said hello to all the guests.

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