How to Plan a Quick Wedding

Every bride is different. Some brides like short dresses, some like long. Some brides buck a white wedding and other brides go all out on traditional. No one bride is the same which means that no one wedding is the same. There are those weddings you hear about which take years to plan and then there are the weddings which seem to take, at most, a couple weeks to get right. If you’re a bride willing to take a few risks in order to speed things up in the planning department then read on for some tips which may help you arrive ahead of schedule.

Top Three

Planning a quick wedding requires you to cut down your list of wants. So when you realize a quick wedding is what you want, sit down with your partner and pick out the top three things you really “must have” at your wedding. It gives you a jumping off point so you at least have the things you really want at your wedding.

Pin Down a Date

If you’re planning a wedding on the fly then pinning down a date early on will give you a timeline for when things absolutely must be completed. Think of it as the kick you need to make sure stick to your original plan instead of adding useless tasks to the docket.

Alert Everyone

Guests need to be made aware that the wedding isn’t going to be a far in the future idea. If you have family coming from elsewhere, adhere to a strict schedule. Grabbing a plane on short notice can be tricky and expensive so be courteous to guests from everywhere.

Organize Everything

You have less time to plan which means things happen at a much quicker pace than when you have a longer timeline to play around with. Instead of weeks between finalizing arrangements, you have days. The best course of action is to get organized as quickly as possible so dates aren’t left in the dust.

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