Tips on Caring for Your Wedding Ring

There are some items that you automatically think of when it comes to weddings. Such items include beautiful dresses, suits, friends and family, and wedding rings. A wedding ring is one of the most important parts of the ceremony. It bonds two people together in matrimony and stands as a symbol of love and unity. Not to mention it can be an extremely expensive piece of jewelry. While diamonds are tough stones and wedding bands aren’t known to break when dropped, there are a few things you can do to make sure your wedding ring or band remains as shiny as the moment you received it. Below are some tips on caring for your ring and advice on the best treatment methods.

Professional Cleaning Works

There are times in life when we can get away with not going to a professional. Computers can be fixed at home, easy DIY projects can be handled via YouTube, and even basic car troubles can be remedied. Then there are tasks which need an absolutely professional to handle correctly. One of these tasks includes getting professional cleaning for your wedding ring. This task is a great way to make sure your stone is set correctly and also retains its sparkle. A professional will be able to use the best tools and products around to get that gunk and dirt off your ring. They will also be able to make sure your ring is in good shape and the setting is strong. A professional cleaning a few times each year can save you the worry and stress over whether or not you’re treating your ring properly.

Don’t Risk Your Ring

There might be some times where you might forget about your ring. It’s been through so much so having it on your finger is something you might forget about. Taking your ring off for certain activities is the right call. Consider just how dirty your ring might get if you’re outside gardening. All that dirt will work its way into the crevices of your ring and settle until the next cleaning. Stones in the soil might also end up scuffing or damaging your ring if enough force is applied. Another reason to slip your ring off and into a safe place is the risk of having it fall off outside or in the dirt. While your ring might be tight, with enough knocking and spinning it might end up being planted or dropped on the ground. Taking off your ring might seem like a pain but keeping it safe is worth it at the end of the day.

Get Your Ring Insured

This tip might not be at the top of your list when it comes to your ring. If anything should ever happen then having insurance will be a huge lifesaver. Sadly nothing can ever really replace your original ring but you will have the ability to get a replacement. Most insurance companies will cover the cost of the ring if it’s ever lost, stolen, or damaged. Always remember that if you do get insurance on your ring, have it appraised every few years to make sure you are fully covered. If the metals and stones in your ring increase in value and you haven’t increased the insurance to match, your ring won’t be fully covered if something happens. Don’t look at having insurance on your ring as a jinx. Consider it a safety net that will soften the blow if something were to ever happen to your ring. You and your partner will be thankful if that time ever comes.


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