Tips for Planning A Destination Wedding

Some couples are all about bucking the tradition. They aren’t interested in the traditional church wedding and opt for a little something different when it is time to say ‘I do’ to their partner. This is where the destination wedding comes into play. Couples without roots in a certain area, or who are interested in a more exciting location for their big day, are opting for a wedding outside of the usual places. Some venture to cultural places such as Japan or India, while others head down to Mexico or out to an exotic island for their nuptials. A destination wedding is also used by some couples to simplify the wedding in itself. The ability to fly off to some random location, get married, and enjoy the area is much easier than the months of planning and stress.

Of course, if you’re looking for a full wedding along with the exotic location then you might be heaping more on your plate than you originally would have with a more traditional wedding. So how should you go about creating and planning the perfect destination wedding? Below are some tips to help everything go smoothly. Whether you’re having a large wedding in the English countryside or a small wedding on the beach, these tips will help prevent your exotic wedding from becoming tribal warfare.

Pick a Location Based on the Season: This one might seem like an odd one but think about this scenario. You’ve planned your wedding for an island surrounded by beautiful water, brought some of your family out, and are ready for the big day. The only downside of this is that you have picked the hurricane season for your big day. The weather stations all claim your big day will be clear but a sudden storm blows up and your big day turns into a nightmare for not only you and your groom, but also all your loved ones. Doing a little research about seasons and weather concerns for your location will save you a lot of trouble in the future, as well as a dangerous wedding day.

Think About Your Guests: Not everyone will be able to attend your big day. That’s something you’ll need to face and move on from if you’re set on having a destination wedding. Some of your older family members, or those with obligations at home, may not have the opportunity to leave it all behind and venture to wherever you are. Along with the money it costs them to do so. Bearing this in mind, if you are planning a wedding away from home you will need to give family members plenty of time to plan and try and think of ways to cut costs for them. Along with this be sure to leave one day, typically Sunday, for your guests to go and explore the location. They might be there for your wedding but it doesn’t mean it isn’t a vacation for them.

Remember the Little Things: Horror stories of destination weddings gone terribly wrong are scattered throughout the internet. Plan the entire wedding but left the rings at home? Or maybe you completely forgot about making sure you have someone ordained to marry you. These are simple things that sometimes go awry when all the dust settles. Sitting down with your partner to make a list of every single small detail of your wedding might seem like a big undertaking but it will put your mind at ease that no stone is left unturned.

Deciding on a Wedding Planner: Some couples enjoy the thrill of planning a wedding themselves, which is completely fine. But some couples would prefer to focus on some of the smaller tasks instead of the overall stress of planning the entire day. Especially for a destination wedding, having a planner to help guide you might be the smartest move of your wedding. A wedding planner with experience in destination weddings could make all the difference. They’ll know some tips and tricks on getting better prices, maneuvering around local customs, and helping to make sure all your guests are accounted and cared for.

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