The making of a beautiful bridal Gown by Labella Too!

It’s exciting to be amongst the first to view a brand new collection in bridal wear, and especially so from Labella Too Designers.

“We try to wake up the inner sleeping beauty in all our brides,  our collection is diverse and exciting, there is something for everyone, it has a signature vintage handwriting throughout, which really gives us the opportunity to use wonderful fabrics and amazing cuts.  It’s Paris, Rome Chic with  you in mind.” A collection of elegant ready-to-wear  styles.

When I look at a wedding dress, I find myself in awe at the process behind it’s construction; all those hours drawing shapes and creating a silhouette, measuring intricate patterns that will be laid over fabric, shapes cut out and sewn together. I see intricate beading and embellishment and wonder how long it took to apply by hand.

The whole process of conceiving a design in mind and seeing it through to fastening up the last button, or securing the zip is something that blows my mind a little bit. Our amazing designers are clever people you know – I wish more people would appreciate fine craftsmanship and good garment construction – a well made dress is something of pure beauty.

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