The Importance of Bridal Gown Alterations

The majority of the time a bride finds the perfect dress in a ship but she also finds that it doesn’t fit the way she wants it too. Off the rack is never tailored to fit the bride trying it on correctly, and the pins and claps placed on by the shop owner are in no way permanent. A dress from a shop usually needs to be altered and made to fit the bride. Some brides may find that they are more interested in finding a dress that fits perfectly the first time – but unless you go to a specialty shop and have the dress made from you there on the spot, having your dress altered is usually a must.

No matter where you go to get your dress altered there are a lot of things to keep in mind. Do you think you will lose or gain weight before the wedding? What is your budget for alterations? Do you have a timeline for your wedding dress to be completed? All of these are excellent questions. A bride may have found the perfect wedding dress, but if it hangs off of her, or sucks her in so tight she can’t breathe, that beautiful gown won’t be so perfect on the wedding day. Below is a guide to help you work out some of your alteration worries and set you on the path to your perfect fit.

Weight Loss and Gain: As we all know, getting married is a stressful time. In fact, on the Holes and Rahe Stress Scale it is listed as the seventh most stressful event in a person life. Many brides deal with a fluctuation in their weight during the planning stages of their wedding. Stress can lead to overeating and sometimes under-eating due to the sheer amount of planning and work that needs to get done. Keeping that in mind as you find someone to do your dress alterations is a big plus. Working with the tailor or seamstress to judge how much to take in, or out, the dress will save you money in the long run.

What’s Your Budget: Some brides may not realize that alterations can end up costing the bride quite a bit of money depending on where they go. This is where you need to step into the role of the frugal bride. Check around at different shops for discounts. Some shops may offer you discounts if you bring in your entire wedding party to get their dresses altered. Now and then you’ll find a wonderful seamstress who has done a ton of brides that doesn’t charge a lot of money to have your dress altered. Ask family members and friends if they have heard of any good shops around to take your dress to. More than likely someone has heard of a good place to go and you’ll be able to go that won’t be too expensive. Try and set a budget for your alterations and stick to it if at all possible.

Remember Your Timeline: More than likely you have heard the horror stories of dresses not being done in time. There are even stories about overwhelmed brides forgetting to pick up their dress before the shop closes. These are all things that can be prevented if you have a solid timeline in place for your alteration expert to review. Working with them to plan exactly when the dress needs to be done by, saving room for any issues that might happen, will save everyone the stress of not having the dress finished on time. It is recommended that a bride have their alterations finished one month ahead of the wedding so there is wiggle room in case something needs to be fixed.

Find Someone You Trust: Just as with finding your wedding dress, finding someone to do the alterations is just as personal. All brides should keep in mind that you will be seeing this person several times and they will be an integral part of your wedding day. You should first and foremost find a seamstress or tailor that will fit your budget and also that you can easily explain things to. You’ll need them to understand the exact look you want from your dress. Having a seamstress or tailor you trust to help you get the exact fit you want will mean all the difference on your big day.

Following these steps will ensure that your wedding dress alterations are on track and on budget. Finding the right alteration expert might take a few tries but at the end of the day when you find the perfect person it takes a major stress off the bride.

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