The Amazing Benefits of Building a Wedding Website

Technology has morphed the wedding industry into a completely different animal. It has given rise to the DIY wedding and made it easier for couples to find help from planners and day-of coordinators. Venues are a mouse click away and searching out the perfect wedding boutique for shopping purposes is easier than ever. There are good points to using technology for your wedding…and then there are bad parts. Emails can get deleted or thrown into your spam folder accidentally, sites can supply incorrect information, and even technology on your wedding day can cause some major disruptions. But when technology behaves then it can be a huge defender of your budget. One perfect example of technology improving the wedding industry is by way of building a wedding website. There are so many reasons why a website is a huge plus. Check out some of the reasons below as well as a list at the end with a few sites which make it easy to build a wedding website.

Save the Cash

The little things add up when planning your big day. Paper goods have long been the tradition when it comes to alerting guests about all the times, dates, and extra information. Instead of plunking down a wad of cash for personalized Save the Dates, why not mix it up a little with the help of technology? A wedding website can be the perfect solution to a budget-conscious couple. Most of your wedding guests will more than likely have access to the internet. People may often joke about your grandma being on Facebook but the truth of the matter is this – your grandma probably is on Facebook and she’d love to check out your wedding website. Guests can be sent the link via email, Facebook, or even Twitter if your guests are tech savvy enough. For guests unable to get access to a computer or who don’t participate in social media then make a special phone call to inform them of all the correct information. It’s easier than trying to send out cards and much kinder to your wallet at the end of the day.

Easy Updates

Plans change at the drop of a hat. Say you have an outdoor wedding planned with the forecast showing a beautiful day. The next week a front moves through and you’re left with the prospect of one rainy day parade. Updating all of your guests at the last minute takes time – time you might not have. Not to stress level. Guests might be flying in from another state or driving from several towns over. Making emergency phone calls might not knock everyone off the list. An unscheduled update to your wedding festivities can cause a lot of unneeded chaos. With a wedding website readily available you can easily update all the new information in an instant. A quick message pointing to your wedding website with the updated information you have on hand can save guests from issues with driving directions or time constraints. Paper invitations can be beautiful and personal but they are far harder to change than if you had a wedding website to update accordingly.

Environmentally Friendly

If you’re going green for your wedding day then this is right up your alley. Many bridal magazines and sites are brimming with opportunities to make your wedding as friendly as possible when it comes to the environment. Building a wedding website is yet another way to keep that green theme running. There is no extra paper involved which means not only do you save money, but you also save paper and ink. Building a website can take all the waste out of the equation. Think of how many things you might send? There’s a save the date, invitations, guest cards, updated notes you may have to send, and a host of other little paper products which can be easily shrunk down and placed on a website. A wedding website is fully customizable so you’ll not have to worry about a tradeoff between beauty and function. A wedding site is also a great way to have a “keepsake” of your planning process, so to speak. So long as you keep the site maintained it can act as a virtual album to visit from time to time with your spouse.

Here are some wonderful platforms which allow you to build your personal wedding website on. We are not sponsored or affiliated with any of these sites.

Minted WeddingWire The Knot eWedding

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