Repurposing Your Bridal Gown

Your bridal dress is a key investment for your special day, but that doesn’t mean you have to toss it into the back of your closet or resell it the second you get back from your honeymoon. At Labella Bridal there are plenty of ways to repurpose a wedding dress, allowing you to cherish those precious memories for years to come. You can even choose to repurpose a family member’s dress if you don’t think you’ll wear it as is. Regardless of the dress, here are some ways you can repurpose your bridal gown.

Heirloom Christening Gown

At Labella, we have been able to transform many bridal gowns into christening gowns, bridal veil and also a curtail dress for your rehearsal dinner. Reusing a mother’s wedding gown is a popular way to promote sustainability and green living, as it doesn’t use new or excess materials. A vintage dress is also a great find for fashionistas, and a funky wedding dress is no exception. The bride can honor her mother by wearing the dress, but the dress itself may not fit the daughter; it may not be her style or it may not have been preserved as it should have been. There are still many significant ways even just the lace from a mother’s wedding gown can contribute to her daughter’s marriage day.

A Different Dress

Maybe your mom’s dress doesn’t fit your style, but our alterations experts at Labella Bridal can transform it into a new dress you’ll love to wear. Even if you don’t want to wear it down the aisle, you can repurpose a bridal gown into a going away dress, or even a dress for your rehearsal dinner. Using a family member’s dress can be a way of connecting the generations while still sticking to your personal wedding vision. A dye can be used to add a pop of color while ribbon, lace, or other materials can completely alter the shape. Cut off the skirt altogether for a gorgeous new top.


You can frame lace in a pendant to make a keepsake necklace or set of earrings. Recycled lace made into a garter can be a special gift for a friend. Extra fabric also makes a great addition to a bouquet. It can be made into a smaller dress for a special little girl in your life (maybe a future flower girl!), and leftover pieces can decorate your wedding photo album or a pillow.



  • Your mother’s wedding lace can also be used to tie your bridal bouquet; this is best if you are using artificial flowers or are planning to preserve your bouquet, so the lace continues to last.
  • A christening gown, bed linens or clothing can also be made for future grandchildren.


For many women, their wedding dress is the most important dress they will ever wear, so why shouldn’t you use it again? There are options for every type of bride, and our experts at Labella Bridal Boutique are ready to help you achieve your repurposed bridal gown dreams.


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