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Labella Bridal Boutique holds high value in maintaining the privacy and protection of its users. Therefore, our Privacy Policy has been created to help users of this site comprehend what information we collect with each visit, how we use it, and what steps we take to protect the information we receive. This gives users a comprehensive overview of using the Service we provide.

What information we collect and use:

Cookies: A majority of websites across the internet use cookies. These cookies, recorded during your visit, are small pieces of text which your browser (Mozille, IE, Safari, Chrome) collects from any website you visit. This text is relayed to our website and allows us to remember important information about your visit to our site. The collected cookies can assist you by remembering your preference for a certain site, what ads you prefer seeing, and even safe search options you have enabled.

Log Data: Labella Bridal Boutique collects Log Data when you visit our website. This Log data includes, but is not limited to areas such as the cookie information gained, what your browser type is, what mobile carrier you subscribe to if you access from a smartphone, any website you were referred to this site by, your IP address, and your location of access. The log data may be collected throughout your visit, as well as during link clicks and visits to third-party application. Log data is used primarily to assist with continued update of our services in order to best meet the needs of our visitors.


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