Post-Engagement Mistakes to Avoid

Popping the question. Putting a ring on it. Getting that rock. There is a ton of ways to say it – you’re engaged! It’s one of most exciting times in your life. The story is likely to be told again and again through generations. Engagements can be fun, romantic, silly, or a huge surprise. While pulling off the perfect engagement story is the top goal, what happens next is just as important. Post-engagement gaffes are popular online. There’s the video of a women knocking the ring out of a guy’s hand straight into the water or a man passing out immediately after popping the question. There are a few mistakes that you’ll want to avoid making right out of the gate. The excitement of the moment can easily lead to some pretty egregious errors. Check out the tips below on what big mistakes you’ll want to sidestep once that question is popped.

Social Media Rush

In the age of instant knowledge there are drawbacks to everything being right there at your fingertips. It’s easy to write, post, click, and send without a second thought. More often than not the ability to instantly post something online turns out to be the worst idea possible. Sadly once something is out there in the Twitter or Facebook universe – it’s out there forever. That means the minute you post pictures of your beautiful ring then your collective online community is going to start spreading the buzz. Take a moment before you head to your social media apps and remember where that information might need to go first. If you have a close family and siblings then consider how they might feel learning about your engagement on a Facebook post. Your parents may not even have social media to begin with. It’s a small thing that usually gets thrown aside in favor of posting your pictures as soon as possible but just remember the ramifications of not telling the right people first.

Sudden Planning

Sometimes the thrill of the moment can lead to some knee-jerk reactions. Couples have gone from celebrating the moment to booking a church within the span of an hour. Sometimes the romance can get the better of you. Planning your wedding becomes a major event you need to start planning as soon as you can. Before you jump into planning mode, let the engagement feeling wash over for a bit. It’s understandable that you want to begin planning your big day as soon as you possibly can. There is a lot to think about! But sadly with the swell of excitement, bad choices can be made. Locations can be booked that you aren’t happy with down the road. People can be promised a spot in your bridal lineup that you have differing opinions on when it comes right down to it. Instead of rushing to planning mode, wait. Enjoy the moment. There is plenty of time to begin planning your dream wedding. Rushing to invite guests, promise bridesmaids or groomsmen, and book a location you’re not thrilled about is never the smartest move to make.

Ruin the Moment

Nothing can take the wind out of engagement sails faster than jumping on your phone to begin the calling, texting, snapping, tweeting, and posting spree that often happens right after the engagement. If both you and your future spouse are on board with the digital sharing, go for it. If your partner isn’t so keen on updating followers as soon as possible then it might be the smarter choice to keep your phone in your pocket and enjoy the moment at hand. An engagement is an amazing event meant to be savored. It’s a special time for you and your partner so respecting that bond means you may need to toss aside your desire to post everything online within minutes of the big question being asked. Living in the moment with your partner will ensure the two of you have time to celebrate this special time together.

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