Planning Your Wedding: Should You Purchase Wedding Insurance?

Your wedding day is crammed full of things to think of. While the bride and groom do have help, they are the ones with the final say on certain things. There’s the reception to worry about, the wedding party, guests arriving and being comfortable, and any other thing one could think of. And no matter the bride, the day or the venue there is the possibility of something going wrong sometime during that special day.

No bride wants to think about it. They’ve planned for months and reviewed every last thing down to the way bows are tied or flowers are arranged. The happy couple has made sure and double-checked that everything on their special day will go smoothly. But even with all the planning and checking the worst still may happen. And although a bride likes to think their day might be perfect, it could very well be anything but. That’s when the bride and groom should think ahead and plan for the worst case scenario. It might seem like a jinx to some but it could potentially save the special couple thousands of dollars and save their wedding day.

One huge safety net for a wedding is to get Wedding Insurance. A basic wedding insurance costs between $155 and $550 and covers the loss of photos, clothing, rings, deposits, and more. Before you dive in and get wedding insurance you should check to see if you truly need it. Each of your vendors will have coverage of their own. You wouldn’t want to pay for useless coverage when your vendors may already have it covered. But if your vendors have lacking coverage you might want to purchase some insurance to cover you just in case.

Some people may not be aware of exactly why they would need insurance. The examples are endless as to why a couple may need insurance.

Here are a few things that can be covered by wedding insurance: Weather conditions (e.g. ice storms during a winter weddings) Accidents or any injuries Replacement of veils or gowns Issues with the wedding site Vendor no shows Last minute Military or job relocations Here are a few scenarios where wedding insurance would be needed:Be aware that wedding coverage doesn’t cover everything. For example, getting cold feet on the big day and canceling the event isn’t covered. And while your wedding rings are likely covered by the policy, the bride’s engagement ring probably isn’t. Make sure you understand your policy before you proceed with coverage.Say the bride steps outside with her new groom for the pictures. Her dress is long and though she has it hoisted up, the train still sweeps the floor and hits, unfortunately, on a still smoldering cigarette. The flame burns a hole through the dress. With the right policy her dress will be covered. Perhaps the wedding day is actually ruined. Some brides pick tricky times of the year for a wedding. Spring can often bring around a lot of rain. Say your big day is interrupted by flash flooding. Your guests can’t get to the venue and you find out that the hall is actually flooded. Unfortunately that means you must postpone the wedding for a later date. With the right policy, wedding insurance will cover the money for invitations, catering, attire, and other non-refundable deposits so you don’t lose a single cent on your flooded day.Consult a professional to ensure you understand and are covered with your policy.

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