Biggest Wedding Trends for 2017

More than ever before, wedding trends are getting bigger in 2017. Couples are getting creative to make their big day more memorable. While some of these trends are relatively new, we expect that they will be witnessed for longer periods of time. In particular, the new big trends have seen reception areas become more romantic in a moderate but exciting way. This is not forgetting the invitation to flowers and some other more major trends as we are going to see below.

Exceptional setting

2017 has seen guests warming up to more surprises that make the event unforgettable. Couples are personalizing their wedding in any place that the wedding takes place, be it a distinct building or large plot of land. For example, décor trends are becoming favorable to natural looks which bring out a forest effect. Natural elements such as wood and stones are enhancing the table settings to add a unique vibe. On the other hand, indoor receptions are transforming through image mapping which is a projection technology that incorporates lights as well as moving pictures. Additionally, there is a particular preference for old-school styles such as cascade and pageant.

Fun Food

At the center of any great wedding, is a memorable feast. Some of the biggest trends in 2017 have seen a change from the usual sit-down dinner to more interactive alternatives. In the case where a couple decides to go the plated dinner way still, they are hosting amazing cocktail hours while serving the main meal in a family style. Self-serve bars combined with food installations such as hanging acrylic shelf that is filled with cheese is yet another big trend for 2017. As for the food itself, fruit cakes are consistently being used to give guests what they want. It’s a bit of fun and yum trend!

Unmatched Entertainment

Fun is part of making the event unforgettable. Performances of the classical quartet, as well as ballerinas in tutus, are a traditional yet trendy way of entertaining the guests in 2017. As for the modernity lovers an aerialist and, in some cases, a choir can belt out the favorite couples’ Beyonce song. Another obsessing trend in the entertainment scene is the use of headphones by the guests instead of the typical blasting from speakers which makes it a cool silent disco.

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