3 Ways to Include Your Pet in Your Wedding

Celebrating your big day means including all of the things you hold most dear. You gather up your best friends, family members, favorite foods, favorite music, and even your four-legged family members. Celebrating your big day with your beloved pet is a trend that has changed to a tradition for many couples. A wedding without man’s best friend just wouldn’t be the same! Integrating your pet into your wedding festivities is easier than you might think. There are endless ways to make sure your furry friend is a memorable part of your big day.

Ring Bearer

Depending on how well your dog is trained, this activity might be best given to a member of your human family as opposed to a canine one. If your dog is well behaved and follows simple commands without the worry that he or she will run off into the great beyond with your rings in tow then why not have them perform the ring bearer duties? Wearing a collar with a simple bag attached, or even carrying a lightweight basket down the aisle can make your beloved companion an important (and cute) part of your big day.

Guest Greeter

Who doesn’t love being greeted by a happy dog waiting to welcome them to a wedding? Having your pooch act as the official wedding greeter can instantly put people at ease and round the day out with total happiness from start to finish. Locating your dog by the entry to your wedding – with a human companion, of course – can be the perfect way to show off your pooch as well as have them fill a role that might ordinarily be overlooked at most weddings.

Walking Companion

While many brides have a family member walk them down the aisle, some brides have also opted to have another member of the family at their side. Walking down the aisle with your pooch can be an extra special way to honor your furry best friend. Having someone waiting at the end of the walk to take your pet’s leash is a perfect way to include your companion in the big day without it getting out of hand. As with the above tips, this depends on the personality and behavior of your pooch. Getting pulled down the aisle when your dog sees a squirrel or smells something new may not go over too well.

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