Guide to Picking Out Flowers for Your Wedding

Picking out floral arrangements for your wedding can be a difficult process. You have to worry about a whole slew of variables such as the weather, time, cost, and just about every other thing that could possibly go wrong. No to mention, with thousands of different varieties of flower, it can be hard to make a decision; and it’s even harder to be satisfied with that decision. Here are 5 tips to help you with the selection process:

Pick the right florist

When picking a florist, try to go around to different wedding planners and see who they often use. Check out references and visit as many shops as you can. See if the florist can work within your budget and if they could provide example bouquets for you. Make sure they can fulfill your order in time.

Keep your budget within reason

It would be nice if your wedding party could have 10-15 people, but unless you’re willing to spend over $5,000, it’s not the most realistic expectation. Keep the expense down where they can be managed and use floral arrangements only where you need to. Beauty does not have to equal excess.

Pick a proper date and location

The time of year you plan your wedding on will determine the price and availability of flowers. You’ll pay more for red roses on Valentine’s’ Day; just like poinsettias and lilies during Christmas time. Make sure the flowers you are picking can withstand the climate of the area; some flowers do better in the cold (like the pansy) and others do well in the heat (like the sunflower). Depending on what you colors you picked for the wedding, you may be limited on the variety of flowers you have.

Have a vision

There are as many themes for a wedding as there are types of flowers. Having a beach wedding? Pick flowers indigenous to tropical islands; like azaleas or Angel’s trumpet. Doing a black and white wedding? Try beautiful white carnations. Think about what kind of message and style you want your wedding to have and plan accordingly.

Put some of yourself into the arrangement

Your floral arrangement will be much more personal if you find ways of putting yourself and your style into the arrangement. Base you color palette off of your wardrobe. Pick flowers that would complement the style of your favorite designer. The more personality you put into the flowers, the more you will cherish the arrangement.

Picking out flowers for your wedding can be a very stressful affair; but if you take the right steps, it doesn’t have to be. As long as you have a clear idea of you what you want, take into consideration the time of year, do your homework on the florist, stay realistic about your budget, remember to inject a little bit of you into the whole thing; you won’t have any trouble selecting a gorgeous arrangement and bouquet that will stun all of your guests. If you’re smart about and put trust in yourself, you’ll do just fine.

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