Delegating for Your Wedding

For some people delegating is an easy skill to handle and master. These people are able to assign tasks without so much as a blink of an eye and make dividing work look like second nature. Then there are people who view delegating as a completely foreign concept. When people ask if they can help, the answers they receive are usually variations of the same sentiment. “I can do it myself,” or “No, don’t worry about it,” and these phrases are usually similar. Delegating can be a hard skill to acquire and even harder to master. Brides are especially bad to view delegating as a disease they want no part of. A bride likely has a vision for her wedding and she wants is perfect. That is to be expected. But getting ready for your big day can try even the most organized bride. Delegating tasks for your wedding is a lot easier than you might think. For example – when it comes to your wedding dress, a stylist at Labella Bridal can help make the task much easier than going it alone. If you still have fears about handing off your wedding details to someone else, read below for some tips to help make the transition a little easier.

Learning Strengths

Your friends and family members all have strengths. It doesn’t matter if they are goofy most of the time and like to joke around. When it comes to your wedding, more than likely they will show up ready to help and a whole new side of them will come out. You may not know their best strengths and weaknesses until you begin working with them. Once the wedding planning begins it might be a good idea to sit down with your group and go over things. Find out what would be easiest for your friends to do. If one friend has amazing handwriting skills then leave RSVP’s and notes to them. Some friends might be business savvy and have a gift at negotiating. This sort of thing can come in extremely handy when you’re shopping for vendors and accessories. No matter what the strength is, you’re most likely to find a task which will fit your friends perfectly. Don’t look at them as your goofy friend. Instead, consider their strengths and see them as co-workers on this important task.

Letting Go

Let it go is a pretty popular phrase these days. Taking a page from the song might also help you learn to release a little control and delegate tasks to other members of your family or wedding party. In your life apart from the wedding you might be able to do it all. If you’re the type of person with endless energy and the drive to do everything yourself, that’s wonderful. It’s a gift and a skill to have that sort of drive. But realize that your wedding isn’t just another task you need to finish in your daily life. Your wedding is something which requires a huge amount of focus and detail to the little things. It’s a task which might not be suite to your skillset. That’s when you have to learn to let it go. Realize that just because you can’t get it all done, it doesn’t mean you have failed. Giving tasks to other people, be it family members or professionals, is a good thing. It will keep your stress level down and give you more time to keep the other parts of your life in check.

Be Bold

One odd thing about delegating tasks for your wedding might be the idea of having to actually assign tasks to people. Sometimes your friends or wedding group might not feel it’s their place to rush up and throw offers of assistance to you all at once. If you’re the type to do it all yourself, then friends and family might take a seat until their name is called. This is doubly difficult if you’re a Type A person. Actually setting your desire to do it all aside is the first step in all of this. If you’re embarrassed to do it in person, send a nice card to your chosen friend or family member and request their help with getting everything in order for your wedding day. Sometimes people simply need to be asked to help out. It doesn’t mean they aren’t willing and wanting to help you out. Sure, the idea of going out and having to recruit help might feel weird, but at the end of the day it isn’t such a bad thing. Your wedding helpers will feel like they were truly wanted on board and you will have hardworking help to make sure you get your wedding day just the way you want.

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