Choosing the Right Shoes for Your Wedding Day

When you think of your wedding day the first thing that comes to mind is your dress. It’s the biggest part of the wedding for most brides. For months, even years, you dream of the perfect wedding dress and you obsess about it up until the day before the wedding. Family members and friends want to see your dress the minute you pick it out. Beyond the dress are some other pretty important members of the bridal family. One such item is incredibly important and is often left off the list when it comes to important parts of the outfit. Shoes are the one thing which might seem like an afterthought. You slip them on and, for some brides, nobody ever sees them. But just because they are hidden doesn’t mean you shouldn’t make sure you have the right shoe for your big day. Remember, you have to walk around in these shoes for a pretty long time. Your honeymoon shouldn’t involve limping due to the wrong shoe on your wedding day. Below are some tips on picking the shoe for you.

Choose a Shoe for Your Location

We’ve all seen the photos of a bride unsteady on her feet. It might be due to the slick floor she hasn’t had much practice on, or it could be because she’s walking on ground wet from a rainstorm the night before. Whatever the reason…it never turns out well. No bride wants to trip and fall as she’s trying to get down to the front to meet her mate. There is nothing graceful about taking pictures with the front of your gown stained with mud or a huge red mark on your chin from knocking it on the concrete floor. That isn’t something you want to remember on your wedding day. Instead, choose a shoe that’s right for your environment. If you aren’t a bride accustomed to wearing heels then purchasing high heels and trying to talk gracefully on a slick floor will only lead to feeling unsteady the entire day. Heels aren’t ideal for outdoors either. More often than not they tend to sink down into the ground and cause your elegant bridal march look akin to wading through a swamp. Always consider your location when choosing your shoe.

Comfort is Key

You don’t realize it until you’re there. You’re up on those beautiful heeled shoes that you couldn’t resist. It’s the day of your wedding and you just can’t wait to show off your shoes to friends and family after the big day. So the ceremony isn’t too bad. The straps are kind of digging into the side of your feet a little…but oh well. They always say beautiful is sometimes painful, right? Success! The ceremony is over and you’re walking down hand-in-hand with your new mate. Congratulations! Dang, these shoes are killing your feet now that you think about it. Maybe you can pop over and give your puppies a rest. Nope. There are pictures to take, guests to talk with, bridesmaids to have fun with, and a big dance number with the love of your life. By now your feet have started to wave the white flag for mercy. It might be a little insane but your wedding day will be extremely hectic. You’ll be on your feet for a large part of the day. That being said, it would be a wise move to choose a show which gives you comfort for your day. Yes, they might not be as slick as those heels are. But at the end of the day your feet will be praising your name and your new mate won’t have to carry you to the car because your feet are howling.

The Shoe of Debt

This just might be more painful than wearing an uncomfortable shoe. Some brides go all out for what shoe they are going to be wearing on the big day. Some brides could care less. If you are in the first category then it might be time to sit down and truly consider how much you’re willing to spend on shoes that you’ll probably only be wearing for this day. If you’re willing to stretch your budget, those shoes can be yours. But if you are looking over your wedding finances and realize that spending that much on a pair of shoes is a no-go, then it’s probably best to look at a cheaper option. If you go online you will more than likely find a similar pair in terms of looks for more than half the price of that designer shoe. Just think – that price savings can give you an extra day or two on your honeymoon!

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