Tips for Dealing with In-Laws during Wedding Planning

It’s one of the biggest issues you might find yourself dealing with during the course of planning your wedding, but it’s also one that gets the least amount of airplay in bridal magazines or online. Dealing with annoying bridesmaids? Check. Ideas for keeping your groomsmen on time for the big day? Tons of ideas for that. But when it comes to maneuvering around overbearing in-laws during the planning phase…that one is a little harder to figure out. Each circumstance dealing with in-laws will obviously be a little different but here are a few tips to help keep the sailing smooth.

Dole Out Organized Jobs

Your in-laws might just be the slightest bit controlling about what they want to see in the wedding. Ideas can turn to arguments at a moment’s notice. Instead of trying to dance around every suggestion, why not avoid the conflict altogether and have pre-planned jobs for your in-laws to take on? This is a perfect way to remove any sort of space for confrontations. With jobs already planned out (to the t, mind you) there won’t be any reason for a disagreement.

Communication Helps

Talking things out might not always be the end all, solve all solution to your issues with in-laws and wedding planning. Although talking through any issues you share might be a good starting point. While it might seem like an easy option to just storm out or throw your hands up after the fifth time of discussing why you want the wedding processional to happen a certain way, explaining your thoughts might help your cause a lot more.

Patience is a Virtue

The most important thing you can do when dealing with frustrating in-laws is to remember that patience is the perfect weapon in your arsenal. Remember that this is your wedding – no matter what. Your spouse is on your team to make sure your wedding, the one the two of you plan, is exactly what you want. Patience will keep you sane when in-laws step over the line from interested to overbearing.

And if things get too dicey you can always elope in the Caribbean!

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