Celebrating Your Bridesmaids

If you type the word bride into Google then your results page will show more than 200 million entries. That’s because brides are big business when it comes to wedding talk. Brides are the main focus of the day. Guests will constantly refer back to how beautiful the bride looked on her big day. While a wedding should be about a bride and her groom, there are a lot of hands at work to make sure the wedding goes off without a hitch and the bride feels pumped and ready to walk down that aisle. That’s where bridesmaids come in. Having a group of great bridesmaids can mean there’s a crew behind you ready to tackle whatever comes your way. Choosing your bridesmaids might take work but remember just how important they are to making your big day special. While you’re the center of the wedding, your bridesmaids are there making sure everyone knows it. If you’re trying to decide how best to celebrate your bridesmaids then check out these tips below.

Meaningful Gifts

Brides usually give their bridesmaids a little gift after the wedding to show their appreciation and love. If your bridesmaids have been amazing over the course of planning and preparing for your wedding then going beyond the usual gifts will make the day extra special. Try and consider the likes and dislikes of each bride. Getting a one-size-fits-all kind of a gift may not always go over well with your entire bridal party. Instead of lumping all of them together it might be a good idea to sit down with your partner and make a short list of ideas for each bridesmaid. Brides are always limited on time so jotting down quick notes one evening shouldn’t break the bank on your time budget. These gifts also never need to be extravagant. Buying expensive trinkets for the sake of it won’t show your brides any greater care than if you bought all of them items that celebrate your connection and gratitude towards each.

Team Mentality

It’s easy to build up a head of steam when you’re engaged in the balancing act known as planning a wedding. Rationale can sometimes be thrown out the window in favor of something a little less productive – pure chaos. Brides may need a reminder that one of the most important weapons in their arsenal against planning fatigue comes in the form of their personal bridesmaid army. Your bridesmaids aren’t just there waiting to watch you head down the aisle. If you have chosen close friends and family then keep in mind they are ready to help you with whatever you need. It can be small tasks like running to pick up invitations from a random location or big things like helping the groom finish his vows. Choosing to put your trust in the bridesmaids backing you up will mean a great deal to them. More than likely your bridesmaids want to be there when you need it most. Giving them tasks to accomplish will make them feel like part of the wedding team.

Remember Feelings

It might be cliché to talk about but a bride turning into a bridezilla still happens each and every year. Bridal stress has a funny way of turning a small issue into a major rip where brides are concerned. All the stress can eventually lead to a total meltdown. When the tornado starts it might just end with the bridesmaids getting swept up. It’s never a good thing. As a bride you should always keep in mind that people around you have feelings. After the wedding is done and over you might completely snap out of stress mode and go on with life. The people you have yelled at or fought with might not be able to forgive your behavior so easily. Always remember that taking your anger or stress out on your bridesmaids can have serious repercussions. If you feel a fight about to happen then step outside and get some air. Your bridesmaids likely want to help more than hurt. After all is said and done you still want to be close friends with that person. Taking the high road and remembering the feelings of friends will keep the boat steady.


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