Best Décor for a Winter Wedding

Planning and designing a winter wedding can be a challenge, but not anymore. There are various décor ideas that one can implement to avoid a ‘Frosty the Snowman’ look while maintaining romance and elegance of the nuptial event. We look at some of the creative and elegant ways to spice up the look of your event.

Rustic surroundings

A natural and seasonal detail demonstrates warmth despite the chilly winter weather. To bring out the rustic features, you can use tree slices or cinnamon placed on one corner to inspire a holiday spirit inexpensively. Sprigs of fir can also be used to bring out the romantic look. Depending on the look you want to achieve, you can choose from a wide range of elements such as rockwork, fireplace or hardwood floors.

Lantern centerpieces

Add coziness to your winter wedding by using lantern centerpieces. In this case, you can use candle lanterns that have white enamel finish or glass panes that have lattice-designed cutouts. Whether you use the lights as one or in groups, they have a creative way of bringing out a magical ambiance to any setting especially in the evening. Why not go for the lanterns to bring out that romantic aura?

Pinecone Bouquet

These are DIY bouquet that can save you cash if done in the right way. To make this bouquet, you’ll need a few resources such as a cute hankie, about 20 small pine cones, floral wire strands, scissors and wire cutters. Additionally, you may need dried filler flowers as well as a decorative corsage tape which is brown. Where can you get these supplies? Majority of them are available in craft stores near you at a friendly price. Pinecones can be used anywhere for your winter wedding to bring out an elegant rustic look.

Ballroom wedding

A ballroom setting is where glamour meets luxury, fun and fashion. The focal element of decoration, in this case, is the floor where dancing will take place. They’re particularly useful when you have many guests. Additionally, ballroom settings are customizable for a more intimate affair. To bring out the best experience, consider paying attention to dimensions for an eye-level beauty since the guests will be seated for the better part of your auspicious event.

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