Alternative Wedding Receptions

Most people have been to a wedding at least once in their life. The traditional wedding is fairly simple when you’re attending as a guest. You’re seated along with friends or family members, the ceremony takes place, and finally you spend the rest of the evening enjoying music and cake at the reception. Receptions are what guests usually remember at the end of the day. They remember dancing, laughing, and the cake. Children attending your wedding always remember the cake. Guests see your reception as their chance to congratulate you on your big day. Receptions are where the fun happens. So what happens when you don’t actually want a traditional reception? It can get tricky. A reception is where you spend the most time with your guests. It’s where a lot of important moments can happen. Having a non-traditional reception can actually be fun. Sitting down to a dinner and sticking to formality might not be your cup of tea. For brides looking to break the mold then check out some of the ideas below. Labella Bridal is ready to help give you beautiful options for your unique reception.

Ice Cream Party

It doesn’t matter your age – ice cream parties are great. There is an endless amount of different topping combinations and ice cream to choose from. Not to mention this option can satisfy most taste buds and group members. Companies rent homemade ice cream machines for parties so you should be able to find machines relatively easy. Ice cream can also be made ahead of time and served during the reception. While this option is likely best done during warm months, a cold treat during winter can also be fun. Having an ice cream buffet is a great way to put a new twist on the whole reception tradition. Make sure to have a variety of ice cream available for your guests. The best part will be the toppings area. Fruits, candy, whip cream, and a lot of sauces will make for a fun part of the day. Hold a funky sundae contest with guests and see who can create the weirdest combination. It keeps guests talking, all age groups happy, and involves everyone.

Breakfast Weddings

Evening and afternoon weddings are the norm. Consider just how many brides get married at certain times during the day. So why not change things up a little when it comes to your wedding day? Having an early wedding has a lot of advantages. Some vendors may lower the price for your goods if it means getting multiple weddings in one day. Older guests unable to drive at night may find it hard to get to and from the reception hall. Couples with children might cut their attendance short in order to get kids home to bed. There are a variety of reasons why guests might not be able to stay long at an evening reception so a morning event can be perfect for some. What better way to celebrate a morning reception than by providing guests with a paradise of pastries? A custom omelet station can be just the thing to treat your guests to a delightful breakfast. Pastries are perfect and go well with anything. Having an early wedding can benefit everyone in your group.


A potluck can be an exciting twist on your reception. It can be a great way to make your guests feel included in the wedding day. A potluck can be formal or informal. Send out a notice to your guests to gauge if their cooking skills would lend well to providing something for the reception. It doesn’t matter if it’s snack foods or desserts – a potluck is about having a little of everything. Some guests may be able to whip up a lot more than your average cook. If you’re a bride or groom on a budget then remember just how important it is to save money where you can. Your guests will more than likely be delighted to help out when they can. Remember all the people over the course of planning your wedding who asked if they could help? This is the perfect opportunity to take them up on the offer. You can even have a theme to your potluck to make it a little more festive. Remember – a reception doesn’t have to be traditional affair. Mix things up and make it whatever you truly want.

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