A Helpful Guide for a DIY Wedding

A DIY wedding is the ultimate dream for any crafty types. For any DIY bride worth her hot glue gun, heading over to Pinterest is first up on the list of inspiration. Brides are no longer dependent on letting everyone else create the wedding of their dreams. There are sites dedicated to giving couples the upper hand in planning, decorating, and throwing their ideal wedding day. While popular sites might make it seem as easy as grabbing a few items from your local supply store, a DIY wedding has a few extra steps that might not be on your radar. Trying your hand at a DIY wedding is definitely doable with the right preparation ahead of time. We’ve rounded up some points that may be easy to miss when dealing with all your DIY-details. Take a look at the list below and make sure you’ve checked your list twice.


Okay, so doing the wedding yourself is going to take a little extra time than hiring someone to do it all for you, agreed? How much extra time you need to allot yourself depends on how organized you are and what army you have behind you. Do you have amazingly talented friends with an eye for crafts on the fly? Cut some time off. Are you super organized with a wedding binder so immaculate that it’s likely to be passed down from generation to generation? That’s more time off your budget. Time can be your friend or your enemy when you go the DIY route. Just remember one simple rule – if you think a task will take a few hours to complete, always add a few more. It’s better to be safe than sorry you ever tried to figure out how to make Papier Mâché rice holders.

Savvy Help

If you wrangle your friends or family members in to help with all the DIY festivities then consider yourself lucky enough to have a great group surrounding you. On the other hand it might be best to figure out which members of your squad will be the right fit. Some of your friends may not be ready to tackle what you throw at them. There are makers and breakers in life. Pinterest is not for the faint of decorative heart. If your friend doesn’t think she’ll be able to make origami doves, she more than likely will return to you with wadded up pieces of paper that only resemble a dove when you squint really hard. It’s in your best interest to decide which in your group are up for the DIY haul.

Perfection is Impossible

No matter how many times you check over the binders, how beautifully you’ve designed the wildflower centerpieces, or how well your entire group performed on the whole DIY event, there are going to be issues. It doesn’t matter if you’re planning the wedding or someone else has the reins. A DIY wedding is great way to make a wedding exactly what you want. An asterisk to this, of course, is what no wedding will ever go off without a hitch. You can plan every minute detail down to which leg you lead off with going down the aisle but at the end of the day there is a chance something might not turn out as planned. Coming to terms with this fact before you even make your first craft run will make the next few months a little less stressful.

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