A Groom’s Guide to Getting Married

The wedding is all about the bride. It might sound like the oldest cliché in the book when it comes to wedding-talk but more often than not it’s a true sentiment. Wedding dress shopping is a far grander event, gowns are often a tad more exciting than a tux, and the general theme of a wedding is usually focused on the beauty of the bride. Yet there’s another piece of the puzzle that has to be there in order for the wedding to precede – the groom.

Getting through the wedding as a groom can be an ordeal. No, you probably don’t care about the different shades of purple and silver. If the names Amaryllis, Lisianthus, or Peruvian Lilies mean little to nothing to you, it’s expected. As a groom you’re idea of getting married means showing up at the right time and then celebrating on the honeymoon. Although most of the smaller details will be safely kept in her domain there are a few things a groom should always take part in – no matter how tedious it might seem.

Make Decisions Together

There are some things in the wedding planning phase that you can’t skip out on – as much as you’d love to be doing anything else. Sure, you’ll more than likely be off scot-free when it comes to the important task of picking out table runners or floral designs but before you kick your feet up and wait for the big day to arrive you will have to get your hands a little dirty. The 80/20 rule applies to wedding planning as well. If you’ve never heard of the rule before it simply states that a small amount of decisions shape what the eventual outcome will be like. Think of it as 20% choices and 80% outcome. The top three things you should always have a hand in are the guest list, entertainment, and food. You don’t want a gross meal, a huge guest list which blows your budget, or a DJ with an affinity for playing heavy metal all night long – unless that’s your thing. Sit down with your future bride and decide on the main three. You’ll both be thankful you took the time at the end of the day.

Be There When Needed

If you’re not the chief planner then you’ll have little to no understanding of how infamously stressful it can be. Your wedding can be large or small and still include a ton of details that someone needs to figure out. Sometimes all the color choosing and flower details can get to be a little too much to handle. That’s where you come in. If your partner needs to unload some of their stresses, listen. If you can help decide on some things she’s having trouble with, make a choice. You wouldn’t believe how far a small gesture goes when your partner is in the middle of the wedding planning chaos. Sometimes you have to bite the bullet and wade in. On the flip side you should test the water with a careful toe. It’s a good idea not to cause trouble with your opinions on things which have already been settled. Telling your bride that you prefer a different color for tablecloths after they’ve already been ordered is not a battle you want to start. Instead – wait. If you see an opening to help, do so. Anything you can do to make planning easier will win you so many points.

Mind Your Groomsmen

The groomsmen you choose are likely to be your friends or family members. That means that you should probably be in charge of making sure they understand what’s going on. Think of them as your loyal companions on a long journey – and you’re the leader. You need to make sure they have everything needed to go the distance. Picking groomsmen only to dump them off on your future bride to deal with doesn’t seem like a fair game if you truly think about it. You should be in charge of your group without a doubt. Make sure they are aware of dates, times, and any other events they need to show up for. Give them an itinerary on a card small enough to keep in their wallet. Make sure their phones have reminders programmed in. Do whatever it takes to make sure your crew is well-informed and well-prepared. Shopping for suits is also a prime area where things tend to go astray. If your bride chooses a color, stick with it. Don’t let your groomsmen talk you into something off the beaten path.

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