Tips for Throwing a Surprise Wedding

Some wedding trends you see coming from over the hill and other trends show up without any warning. These trends might make you fall in love with a new wedding theme and other trends you’ll want to avoid like the plague. Every now and then a wedding trend enters the industry with just the right amount of fizzle to attract an audience. Recently the trend of having a surprise wedding is one way to give your guests a memory they’ll not soon forget. If you’re interested in giving guests a shock then check out these tips for the surprise of a lifetime.

Trust No One

This might sound slightly dramatic but if you’re planning a surprise wedding then the only people in the need-to-know category are you and your partner. Each of you might feel like you have some safe names to unload your surprise news off on but it’s better to play it safe than sorry. Letting it slip to just one person could blow the entire surprise accordingly. If you must tell someone, bring on an outside source such as a day-of planner or a family friend willing to go full social media blackout.

Invent a Believable Cover Event

If you’ve never in your life thrown a swanky cocktail party then now is not the time to plan an imaginary one. Friends and family who know you and your partner may start suspecting something if you suddenly bring up the idea of an exciting event you’ve never once mentioned before. Inventing an event that makes sense for you and your partner is the key to keeping the illusion alive.

Indulge in the Different

A surprise wedding is as different as different can be. One major tip to a successful surprise wedding is embracing the idea of a total surprise. Indulge in the uniqueness of the whole event. A surprise is a great way to create a completely casual, fun event for unsuspecting guests. Some guests are more apt to let their hair down after the initial shock so use this to your advantage and plan the fun wedding you’ve always had your heart set on.

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