4 Ideas To Help Get You In Shape For Your Gown

Getting engaged and beginning to plan your wedding can be one of the most stressful times in your life. There are a million things to concern yourself with and not a lot of time to focus on your wellbeing. When this happens there are certain parts of your life that can get cast off to the side along with that entire pack of misspelled wedding invitations. This part just happens to be your figure. When the waves of stress begin piling up those boxes of chocolate doughnuts and bags of chips tend to look pretty great in light of all the craziness going on. This can lead to any number of things. Your face might pay the price with a sudden flare of acne. That energy you once had to handle all the plates twirling around in the air suddenly vanishes. The worst side effect this issue could have on you is gaining a lot of weight and finding yourself unable to fit into your wedding gown. Yikes! If this has happened to you, or you want to prevent it, here are some tips to help you get into shape.

Walk The Town If You Are Able To – Why Not Walk Occoquan, VA? 

If you have little time to go pump iron at the gym and can’t stand to sit in your living room trying to sweat to the oldies, there is nothing like stepping outside and getting your walk on. Walking for any length of time will burn calories. The speed in which you walk increases your calories burned. For example, walking for 30 minutes at 4mph will burn 150 calories. That’s enough to get off that breakfast of jelly doughnuts! Walking doesn’t just help you to burn calories, though. Walking can also be used to tone and shape your legs and arms. More than likely you have seen people walking and swinging their arms with great gusto as they pass you by. This is a prime example of speed walking and, while it looks hilarious, it can actually help you burn more calories and tone those arms for your wedding day. What bride doesn’t want toned arms?

Avoid The Candy

Stress eating can happen to the best of us. That bowl of Oreos sitting on the counter, jar of jellybeans next to your bed, and your future husband bringing you home candy because he feels it will relieve the stress. It’s easy to fall into the unending cycle of gorging on sweet treats to keep your mind off all those table arrangements and patterns you have to get down pat for the big day. Completely forgoing eating any candy is probably not the best method either. Figure out your happy medium when it comes to all things candy. If you have a small size candy bar in the evening, that’s perfect. If you end up eating half the bag of those small candy bars, that’s bad. Keep the candy stashed away and try to forget about it. Allow yourself a piece every now and then but keep it out of sight and hopefully out of mind for the most part.

Buy Some Cheap Weights

Finding time to go to the gym is going to be pretty difficult if you’re the captain of planning the wedding. You barley have time to sit down for a few minutes much less pack up and head down to the gym for an hour or two. For this reason you should invest in a pair of cheap weights for your living room. These weights can be used even if you don’t quite have the time to sit down and pump iron. Weights can be used while you discuss ideas and plans with your family members, while you’re on the phone with vendors, while you’re looking over plans and notes you have written down, and when you have a few spare moments to sit down and watch your favorite show.

Diet For The Big Day

This tip should be used correctly. Going on a crazy crash diet that is likely to leave you feeling terrible is not going to help anyone. Choose to go with a simpler sort of diet when it comes to preparing your figure for the big day. Stick to eating a lot of fruit and drinking water. Don’t overload on big meals and eat until you are stuffed. Your diet should include smaller meals than you would usually eat that are high in protein and energy-giving foods. Whenever you feel hungry it might be smart to pick up an apple or some celery to knock off your hunger. Going on a diet should not lead to starvation. To keep things in order with your wedding you need to have energy to do so. Keep your diet safe and you’ll look fantastic in your dress!

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