How to Create a Wedding Theme

If you’ve never been to a wedding or thrown a big party then there’s a high chance you know nothing about the art of a wedding/party theme. The wedding theme is an idea many brides may be surprised to learn of. During the initial consultation with your wedding planner the question is likely to come up – what is your theme? In simple terms, a wedding theme is what your wedding is centered around. Are you a quirky bride with a kitsch 80s themed wedding? How about a timeless shabby chic theme? Your wedding design is whatever you make of it. Whether you have a Mario-inspired cake with a gamer-centered wedding or create a unique theme focused on a shared hobby, your theme is what you create.

Whatever You Want

There’s only one wedding which means your theme is going to be permanently on display inside your wedding album for generations to check out. Timeless, classic themes are always in style if you’re having trouble coming up with anything. But for couples looking to make their wedding more in line with what they value, make sure you do just that. Your wedding is your wedding. It’s what you and your partner want to share. Chances are that you’re also paying for most of the event. So if you want to have a jungle-themed wedding complete with toucan sounds, you do you.


Having a unique theme is a fun way to put a spin on your wedding day. As much fun as it might be to try and recreate the manor house from Downton Abbey, think of you budget. While a theme is an important way to help pull everything together it’s also vital that it doesn’t back your budget into a corner. Think of how to bring your theme into the wedding day with “touches” instead of giant pieces.

Find the Right Planner

Not every wedding planner is going to understand your desire to have a Walking Dead themed wedding. In fact, there’s a high probability that you might go through a few wedding planners until finding someone willing to make a stab at adding a little zombie spice to your big day. A wedding planner willing to jump on board and make it happen is the one you need to set your sights on. Otherwise their lackluster performance may lead to your wedding feeling a little more dead than walking.

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