10 Ways to Save Money on Your Wedding Day

Each year the expenses of weddings grow. Between the guests to invite, wedding dresses, wedding favors for the guests, food, and everything else you must decide and pick out for your wedding day – some brides might find themselves blowing through their budget in a matter of months. Of course, this doesn’t necessarily have to be the case. There’s a new trend that’s sweeping the bridal community. DIY weddings and budget weddings are the new ‘it’ type of occasion for the budget-conscious bride. With websites and workshops around the nation focused solely on saving a bride money it’s extremely easy to find some quick tips for keeping your wallet happy and your beautiful wedding dream alive.

At Labella Bridal Boutique, we understand that your wedding is your special day but that doesn’t mean you have to go bankrupt to do it. In our shop we have dresses from designer labels that are all at an affordable price. Below are some tips for brides on how you can save some money on your big day.

1)     Only Invite People You Really Want: Some brides might not be keen on this advice. But for a lot of brides that long-lost cousin you haven’t seen in years isn’t a necessary part of your day. You know exactly who you want to be there and who you don’t. After the wedding you can send around a nice card with a picture of the big day!

2)     Hire a Family-Owned Restaurant for Catering: Food for a wedding can be one of the most expensive additions. But before you hire a catering company, check with a local, family-owned restaurant. They are much more likely to go the extra mile for a bride and wedding than a faceless company would. Not to mention a family-owned restaurant can save you a lot of money.

3)     Choose a Cheap or Free Location: Hosting your wedding at a huge, fancy venue isn’t needed. Keeping an eye out for deals can truly help in the long run. Having the wedding at a family home, a friend’s backyard, or even at an outdoors location can provide a cheap, or even free, alternative to an expensive hall.

4)     Plan and Wait for Sales: Most brides begin planning even before they have the ring. That being said, keeping an eye out for sale items you’d love having at your wedding is a huge bonus. Stores like Hobby Lobby often have weekly sales and a large variety of wedding-oriented items to shop for. At Labella, we always have great deals and sales for brides. Give us a call and remember to mention “Go Chic. Go Labella.”

5)     Skip the Fancy Cake: That beautiful multi-tiered cake can cost a pretty penny. Going with an alternative is the new trend for a lot of brides. Have a buffet of ice cream and a lot of different toppings to put on. Or have a smaller wedding cake for the bride and groom to cut, and then cupcakes for the guests. Either option saves you money!

6)     Skip the Pricey Rehearsal Dinner: You can still have a rehearsal, but how about bucking the trend of an expensive meal and throwing a pizza party or a cookout instead? It will save you a ton of money and create a more relaxed and fun atmosphere.

7)     Skip the DJ: With the internet in full swing and music producing software everywhere there is little need for a DJ. Create your own playlist with your groom and bridal party. Come up with some songs that are unique to each of you. Load them on your iPod and borrow some speakers from a friend. Crank up the volume and you’re ready to dance!

8)     Toss the Save the Date Cards: Most people you invite to your wedding will already know the date. Family, friends, and those in the bridal party can pass along the word to anyone you need to alert.

9)     Create Your Own Invitations: Going to a printing shop or ordering expensive wedding invitations online is a thing of the past. There are sites such as Etsy and Wilton which you can purchase invite templates from. You can design them yourself on your computer and then print them out. It’s a much cheaper option!

10)  Take Advantage of Students: This is an option that a lot of people fail to think of or even try. Even if you don’t live in a big city it is still an option worth looking into. Photography students at your local college are eager for experience and shooting your engagement photos or the actual wedding day can be a huge bonus for both of you. Some students will do it at low cost and some may do so for free so long as they can add your shots to their portfolio.

Even if some of the tips aren’t for you, there are always ways to save on your big day. If you need help with anything for your wedding or would like to have a consultation with one of our fashion experts. Give us a phone call at 703-494-2929 or schedule a consultation. Don’t forget to mention “Go Chic. Go Labella.” for specials.

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