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Unique Engagement Announcement Ideas

Popping the question to your special someone is thrilling. A yes from your partner is something to cherish you’ll feel like you can’t wait for everyone to know that you’re going to tie the knot.

Engagement announcement have increasingly become a unique part of the wedding itself. Most couples tend to announce their engagement through a photo or card. We gathered some of the top unique ideas you might want for your engagement announcement. 

A love note

A love note that has written words like “I said yes” says it all. Taking a photo holding the note by your hand with the ring in view is something unique and mysterious at the same time. To put a twist on the photo, scribble messages, or get a customized piece made, or even just write it on the palm of your hand.

Sealing with a kiss

This is a very sweet photo idea. Make the photo unique to you as a couple. Some make their favorite place the location of their photo. Whether in the middle of a city or on top of a mountain, have it reflect what you love to do as a couple. Showing off your personality as a couple will be the cherry on top.

A sip of bubbly

Since it is really a celebration time why not announce it with a glass of champagne held by your hand showing the ring. To make it more fun why not have a sip of champagne, and sip from one another’s glasses.

Do the photo with your pet

Isn’t it sweet to have your pet with you in the photo? You can make it unique by using some flashcard or photo frame with a message like “mommy and daddy are getting married” or show your playful side with the paw of your cat or dog with your ring underneath. There’s no reason your furry companion should be left in the dark!

Just the two of you

The two of you in a photo and a ring can tell it all. But let’s make it more romantic and unique like adding some effects. Make it black and white are classic but romantic or you can put on a couple’s statement shirt. Or make it with a bang of confetti for a truly celebratory image. Show off your fun side with wacky faces of a photo booth-like shot. But the most important thing of all is the joy that is felt from your photo that can be shared with everyone.

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