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Top Wedding Trends for 2018

Old, new and something blue. Tradition has it that no matter what, a beautiful and memorable wedding calls for a touch of elegance from the tradition, something floral and funky and the oomph factor that makes your special day a memory of a lifetime! 2018 is going to be filled with some exciting bold and beautiful wedding trends. If you’re an engaged couple, this is where you’ll find everything you need to make your wedding a wonderful day to remember.

The Venue

Couples planning a unique wedding are now willing to make bolder statements about the place they pick. Want to pick a venue that reflects your unique taste in style? Literally think outside the box. Historic libraries, rustic large homes with sprawling backyards, big theatre halls with older architecture, are some of the unexpected venues that set the stage and the mood for your special day. Had your first date at a farmhouse? Plan your wedding far from the chaos surrounded by nature. Have the same taste in music? Pick a huge concert hall and rock the day to your own beat!

Funk Up the Sweets

The stage might set the mood, but the devil always lies in the details. As Shannon Alder said, “When you love someone or something, don’t be a slow leaking faucet – be a hurricane.” As traditional it is to be obsessed with the wedding cake and likes, this is the year to swipe your guests away with something truly experimental. More brides are going for a separate dessert table instead of a final course. You get to choose a variety of desserts including meringues, cookies, pops, cheesescake, caramel shots, and velvet cakes. On the much brighter side, everyone finds what they love and more dessert to go around. 

Play with the Texture!

The one thing that makes your wedding truly memorable for your guests is the experience. The more attention to detail, the more meaningful it becomes. Don’t be afraid to play with textures in all sorts of elements to bring in some depth to your entire wedding scene. Assorted linens, laser cut place mats, wax seals on menus, different table tops for different reception tables are just some of the ideas that would definitely raise some eyebrows as your guests walk in. 

Go Black!

This time, with a bang! It is the trend of the adventurous and the daring – pulled out straight from the latest fashion trends. Accent your beautiful wedding with a touch of black. Find ribbons, invitations, linens, grace bouquets. Or if you’re the brave heart we really know you are, go for black chairs and chargers, and you can punctuate them beautifully with gold cutlery and glassware. Brides of 2018 are also thinking touches of black ink on a glass for signage. An absolutely stunning wedding reception with a hint of the Gatsby feel, yet still retaining the elegance of the traditional wedding décor.

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