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Your wedding day is a finely tuned event. For months, probably even years you have been diligently trying to get every moment of the day perfect. There is a lot you can control on that day. You can make sure your guests are comfortable and happy. The color of your dress, decorations, and table linens has been perfected to your specifications. Your dress looks amazing and all your bridesmaids are perfect. So while all of those things you can be certain about, there is a whole mountain of issues that can arise on your wedding day. Guests can get lost, stains happen, sickness sets in, allergies flare up, and a lot of other random ‘what-if’ moments. To prepare for that cut shin or Scope on your wedding dress, all brides need an emergency kit packed with the essentials. Below are some tips on preparing your perfect emergency kit and being ready for all the randomness that goes down on your big day.

Stain and Rip Repair

Attending a wedding doesn’t automatically make accidents and mistakes stop. In fact, it usually invites them in for a drink and a dance. There is a lot that can happen fashion-wise. Have you heard the story of the bride getting wine on her gown? Or the one about the bridesmaid ripping her dress right before the show gets started? That’s because those things actually happen. One minute you’re laughing and drinking a little wine to calm your nerves. The next you’re dribbling wine down the side of your dress. You’ll immediately panic and then be forever grateful for your emergency wedding kit. In your kit you should always keep miniatures of items you will definitely need. A Tide pen is perfect for getting rid of stains. You’ll also want to keep a needle and some different colored thread on hand for when there’s a snag or a tear. If you aren’t too handy with a needle or thread, there will more than likely be someone in the crowd who knows how to sew decently enough to get your dress back to looking lovely.

Lotions and Potions

Your wedding day is a pretty nervous occasion. No matter how much you prepare or how confident you are in everything you’ve planned, there’s still a little side of you that’s nervous for the entire day to go off without a hitch. This can lead to that awkward occasion known as massive sweating. Yes, it’s something you don’t really want to think about on your wedding day. As a bride you are supposed to be the shining example of grace in your beautiful dress. Sweating has no part to play in your big day. Unfortunately your body doesn’t actually know it’s supposed to be on its best behavior so it sweats as per usual when you get nervous. To combat this issue, keep a mixture of lotions and your favorite scents. It will come in handy not only for you, but also for any bridesmaids or family members who may fall victim to the sweating curse. Deodorant, perfume, baby wipes, and lotion are always good to have in your emergency kit.

A Snack

This is one item in your emergency kit which you may never think about. Keeping a snack in your emergency makes a little more sense when you consider how stressed out some brides get on their big day. Sometimes in order to have a beautiful dress, you have to be a tiny bit uncomfortable in the process. Purchasing your gown from a specialty boutique like Labella Bridal will help you choose the right gown for your body type, but for some women a gown may still be uncomfortable. Discomfort can lead to nerves; nerves can lead to lower blood sugar and by the time you’re about to talk down the aisle you are feeling a little on the wrong side of faint. A quick snack will help alleviate any worries you might have about getting too hungry while preparing for your big walk. Try to include a snack you really love. It might be a little on the unhealthy side, but a little treat will help you calm down for a few minutes and also keep your blood sugar from dipping too low.

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All brides know the importance of keeping costs down when it comes to the big day. There are areas where you’ll need to stretch your dollar in order to stay on budget. Flowers, accessories, linens, and even catering can all be managed and shifted to fit your wallet in one way or another. On the flip side, there are also certain areas where skimping and penny-pinching might not be the best way to go. One such area is your actual wedding dress. Sometimes the lowest price doesn’t always mean the best bargain. Getting a hugely discounted dress could wind up ruining your day or even cost you more than if you actually just bought the dress without the bargain. There are several scenarios in which you might want to avoid making the purchase. Below are some of the highlights. Just remember – if it’s too good to be true, then it probably is.

Buying off Etsy Without Research

Etsy is crafting heaven. You can go on the site and find anything you want. Earrings made from stones mined near a volcano? The site has that. There is also a plethora of wedding-related items on the site to fit your needs and budget. One of the more unique sections on the site comes in the form of wedding dresses. You can find a huge number of dresses on the site. They range from handmade locally, to beautiful gowns all the way from Paris and Japan. Unfortunately this is where it gets a little dicey. What you see in the picture is more often than not a fake. It might look similar to the dress you get in the mail, but it won’t be the same. It will probably not fit you that well either. Like Pinterest, the photos aren’t exactly what you might end up with. The dresses from other countries are made in mass quantities and when it arrives, you might be a little shocked to find that it either chokes you or falls off of you. Sure, that dress may half the price as the one you found in the store, but shopping on Etsy for your wedding dress is a huge risk. Visiting a boutique, such as LaBella Bridal Boutique in Occoquan, Virginia, is a much better option.

Buying a Mistake

We’ve all been there. You see a clearance or damaged rack and it’s almost a knee-jerk reaction to dig around to find out if there are any good deals. A small stain can always be removed, and a tear in a shoe can be hidden by jeans. These are simple mistakes and shouldn’t hold you back from making a purchase. But what about making a large purchase? Buying a wedding dress with a large tear, bad sewing, or a stain could be a dangerous move. If you have someone in your family who works on dresses, or know how to repair, then it probably isn’t such a bad thing. Otherwise you might end up spending a lot of money to have the dress fixed. Dresses, unlike other items of clothing, need to be incredibly specific when it comes to the wearer. If a dress isn’t right to begin with, it may take a lot of time and money to get it to the perfect point. Removing stains from a dress may also be dangerous unless a professional is dealing with it. Buying a mistake might seem logical for your wallet, but consider who you have in your corner and how much time and money you can devote to the repair.

Buying From the Unknown

As mentioned, buying from a reputable dealer like LaBella Bridal Boutique in Occoquan, Virginia is advisable. While looking for the best deal, you can often find deals that are too good to be true. These are the sort of deals that you’ll need to avoid at all cost. Shady boutiques or stores can leave you with an ill-fitting dress and nothing else. There have been stories of brides purchasing expensive dresses and being unable to contact the maker, shop, or anyone else in order to have the dress sewn or return it due to it being a mistake. The key to finding the right dress for you and avoiding the so-called ‘snake oil shops’ is by doing the appropriate legwork. Research different shops in your area and read the reviews provided. If the reviews are mostly negative, it might be time to step back. Another powerful way to find the best shop to fit your needs is by asking around to friends and family members. They may have bought a dress from a great store or know someone who did. Either way, getting a solid review from someone you actually know is much better than taking a chance on a bad product.

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When you think of your wedding day the first thing that comes to mind is your dress. It’s the biggest part of the wedding for most brides. For months, even years, you dream of the perfect wedding dress and you obsess about it up until the day before the wedding. Family members and friends want to see your dress the minute you pick it out. Beyond the dress are some other pretty important members of the bridal family. One such item is incredibly important and is often left off the list when it comes to important parts of the outfit. Shoes are the one thing which might seem like an afterthought. You slip them on and, for some brides, nobody ever sees them. But just because they are hidden doesn’t mean you shouldn’t make sure you have the right shoe for your big day. Remember, you have to walk around in these shoes for a pretty long time. Your honeymoon shouldn’t involve limping due to the wrong shoe on your wedding day. Below are some tips on picking the shoe for you.

Choose a Shoe for Your Location

We’ve all seen the photos of a bride unsteady on her feet. It might be due to the slick floor she hasn’t had much practice on, or it could be because she’s walking on ground wet from a rainstorm the night before. Whatever the reason…it never turns out well. No bride wants to trip and fall as she’s trying to get down to the front to meet her mate. There is nothing graceful about taking pictures with the front of your gown stained with mud or a huge red mark on your chin from knocking it on the concrete floor. That isn’t something you want to remember on your wedding day. Instead, choose a shoe that’s right for your environment. If you aren’t a bride accustomed to wearing heels then purchasing high heels and trying to talk gracefully on a slick floor will only lead to feeling unsteady the entire day. Heels aren’t ideal for outdoors either. More often than not they tend to sink down into the ground and cause your elegant bridal march look akin to wading through a swamp. Always consider your location when choosing your shoe.

Comfort is Key

You don’t realize it until you’re there. You’re up on those beautiful heeled shoes that you couldn’t resist. It’s the day of your wedding and you just can’t wait to show off your shoes to friends and family after the big day. So the ceremony isn’t too bad. The straps are kind of digging into the side of your feet a little…but oh well. They always say beautiful is sometimes painful, right? Success! The ceremony is over and you’re walking down hand-in-hand with your new mate. Congratulations! Dang, these shoes are killing your feet now that you think about it. Maybe you can pop over and give your puppies a rest. Nope. There are pictures to take, guests to talk with, bridesmaids to have fun with, and a big dance number with the love of your life. By now your feet have started to wave the white flag for mercy. It might be a little insane but your wedding day will be extremely hectic. You’ll be on your feet for a large part of the day. That being said, it would be a wise move to choose a show which gives you comfort for your day. Yes, they might not be as slick as those heels are. But at the end of the day your feet will be praising your name and your new mate won’t have to carry you to the car because your feet are howling.

The Shoe of Debt

This just might be more painful than wearing an uncomfortable shoe. Some brides go all out for what shoe they are going to be wearing on the big day. Some brides could care less. If you are in the first category then it might be time to sit down and truly consider how much you’re willing to spend on shoes that you’ll probably only be wearing for this day. If you’re willing to stretch your budget, those shoes can be yours. But if you are looking over your wedding finances and realize that spending that much on a pair of shoes is a no-go, then it’s probably best to look at a cheaper option. If you go online you will more than likely find a similar pair in terms of looks for more than half the price of that designer shoe. Just think – that price savings can give you an extra day or two on your honeymoon!

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Getting engaged and beginning to plan your wedding can be one of the most stressful times in your life. There are a million things to concern yourself with and not a lot of time to focus on your wellbeing. When this happens there are certain parts of your life that can get cast off to the side along with that entire pack of misspelled wedding invitations. This part just happens to be your figure. When the waves of stress begin piling up those boxes of chocolate doughnuts and bags of chips tend to look pretty great in light of all the craziness going on. This can lead to any number of things. Your face might pay the price with a sudden flare of acne. That energy you once had to handle all the plates twirling around in the air suddenly vanishes. The worst side effect this issue could have on you is gaining a lot of weight and finding yourself unable to fit into your wedding gown. Yikes! If this has happened to you, or you want to prevent it, here are some tips to help you get into shape.

Walk The Town If You Are Able To – Why Not Walk Occoquan, VA? 

If you have little time to go pump iron at the gym and can’t stand to sit in your living room trying to sweat to the oldies, there is nothing like stepping outside and getting your walk on. Walking for any length of time will burn calories. The speed in which you walk increases your calories burned. For example, walking for 30 minutes at 4mph will burn 150 calories. That’s enough to get off that breakfast of jelly doughnuts! Walking doesn’t just help you to burn calories, though. Walking can also be used to tone and shape your legs and arms. More than likely you have seen people walking and swinging their arms with great gusto as they pass you by. This is a prime example of speed walking and, while it looks hilarious, it can actually help you burn more calories and tone those arms for your wedding day. What bride doesn’t want toned arms?

Avoid The Candy

Stress eating can happen to the best of us. That bowl of Oreos sitting on the counter, jar of jellybeans next to your bed, and your future husband bringing you home candy because he feels it will relieve the stress. It’s easy to fall into the unending cycle of gorging on sweet treats to keep your mind off all those table arrangements and patterns you have to get down pat for the big day. Completely forgoing eating any candy is probably not the best method either. Figure out your happy medium when it comes to all things candy. If you have a small size candy bar in the evening, that’s perfect. If you end up eating half the bag of those small candy bars, that’s bad. Keep the candy stashed away and try to forget about it. Allow yourself a piece every now and then but keep it out of sight and hopefully out of mind for the most part.

Buy Some Cheap Weights

Finding time to go to the gym is going to be pretty difficult if you’re the captain of planning the wedding. You barley have time to sit down for a few minutes much less pack up and head down to the gym for an hour or two. For this reason you should invest in a pair of cheap weights for your living room. These weights can be used even if you don’t quite have the time to sit down and pump iron. Weights can be used while you discuss ideas and plans with your family members, while you’re on the phone with vendors, while you’re looking over plans and notes you have written down, and when you have a few spare moments to sit down and watch your favorite show.

Diet For The Big Day

This tip should be used correctly. Going on a crazy crash diet that is likely to leave you feeling terrible is not going to help anyone. Choose to go with a simpler sort of diet when it comes to preparing your figure for the big day. Stick to eating a lot of fruit and drinking water. Don’t overload on big meals and eat until you are stuffed. Your diet should include smaller meals than you would usually eat that are high in protein and energy-giving foods. Whenever you feel hungry it might be smart to pick up an apple or some celery to knock off your hunger. Going on a diet should not lead to starvation. To keep things in order with your wedding you need to have energy to do so. Keep your diet safe and you’ll look fantastic in your dress!

Contact us a Labella Too for your alteration needs at 703-494-2929. We are experienced fitting specialists, dedicated to giving you the best alterations and tailoring you will find. We are located in Occoquan, Virginia and we have over 40 years of experience in fine custom sewing and alteration of bridal gowns, prom dresses, men’s suits, as well as a host of other clothier services. 

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One of the biggest days of your life has finally arrived. You’re now engaged and ready to start planning the big day. It doesn’t matter if the big day happens within the next few months or the next year, getting married is full of stress. It’s actually ranked in the top 10 most stressful events in your lifetime. Every bride will handle the day a different way but now and again a bridge might need a little bit of encouragement that her day will turn out well. So below is a simple guide to getting married. Remember these facts during the planning stages and on the big day and everything else should work out fine!

Your Wedding Day Will Be Perfectly Flawed

If asked about a funny story from their wedding more often than not a bride can shoot one off from the top of her head. Usually the story involves something that just didn’t go right on the day or before the actual wedding. They’ll laugh now but at the time it probably wasn’t so funny. Even with all the crazy happenings on the big day most prides, when asked if their wedding was perfect, will answer yes. That’s because wedding days are usually perfectly flawed. The flaws give you something to look back on and laugh about. Maybe the groom was stuck in traffic and found himself late to his wedding day. The bride might have stepped on and tore part of her dress before she was about to walk down. There are a huge number of things that can go wrong on the big day. That’s just how weddings are. Even with all the flaws that seem like they are going to destroy your fairytale wedding, they never do. And eventually they make for some pretty great stories.

Panicking Is Not An Option

If you flip on television then you are bound to run across a show where the bride is having some sort of horrible fit, crying, and panicking. Going online will reveal stories of panic on the big day and during the planning stages that rival wartime panic. This is because a bride tends to learn towards the panic of it all when it comes to her big day. It’s easy to get overwhelmed and feel like the only possible reaction to something is to panic. You’re planning this huge event and you not only want your family to be happy, but you also want anyone attending to have a great time as well. The sense of panic is easy to get overwhelmed with and when things start falling apart the need to panic starts rising. Never fear, though. Panicking about your wedding or on the wedding day will happen now and again. It shouldn’t happen often though. If you spend your whole wedding panicking about this and that it will lead to one big panic attack. No bride looks good while she’s panicking.

Bridezilla Is Not A Wise Choice

It’s pretty easy to slip into the role of Bridezilla. Once you get the ring on your finger it should not automatically give you the power to become a Bridezilla. Sure, it might be funny to laugh at these types of brides on television. It’s not so funny when friends and family have to deal with you during the process of planning your wedding. Being a Bridezilla can also be very detrimental to your relationships. If your groom sees you behaving in the opposite way he knows you to be then it might give him pause. The same goes for your friends and family members. No good friend should be berated and yelled at for forgetting to do something simple. If your friends are trying to help you and they aren’t doing things how you want to them to, take over the job but don’t yell about it. Family members might not be too pleased with how you behave either. One word too far and you might find yourself without any help on the big day.

Slow Down And Commit Things To Memory

You’ve heard it all before. Your wedding day goes fast. Planning the wedding goes fast. Before you know it the big day has arrived, is over with, and you’re on your honeymoon. It all seems to go by in the blink of an eye. As hard as it might be to slow down and remember things, you should. Take pictures, write notes, or even keep a journal I you want to. Remembering these little moments will make things a lot more special when the wedding is all done and over with. Sure you will have weddings pictures to look back on years after the day has passed. Those are immensely important. Yet remembering what came before is also important. You’ll laugh about stressing over some small issue and feel pleased about how it all came together in the end. So commit these small things to memory. One day you’ll want to look back on them and even show it off to your children.

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Picking out floral arrangements for your wedding can be a difficult process. You have to worry about a whole slew of variables such as the weather, time, cost, and just about every other thing that could possibly go wrong. No to mention, with thousands of different varieties of flower, it can be hard to make a decision; and it’s even harder to be satisfied with that decision. Here are 5 tips to help you with the selection process:

1)      Pick the right florist

When picking a florist, try to go around to different wedding planners and see who they often use. Check out references and visit as many shops as you can. See if the florist can work within your budget and if they could provide example bouquets for you. Make sure they can fulfill your order in time.

2)      Keep your budget within reason

It would be nice if your wedding party could have 10-15 people, but unless you’re willing to spend over $5,000, it’s not the most realistic expectation. Keep the expense down where they can be managed and use floral arrangements only where you need to. Beauty does not have to equal excess.

3)      Pick a proper date and location

The time of year you plan your wedding on will determine the price and availability of flowers. You’ll pay more for red roses on Valentine’s’ Day; just like poinsettias and lilies during Christmas time. Make sure the flowers you are picking can withstand the climate of the area; some flowers do better in the cold (like the pansy) and others do well in the heat (like the sunflower). Depending on what you colors you picked for the wedding, you may be limited on the variety of flowers you have.

4)      Have a vision

There are as many themes for a wedding as there are types of flowers. Having a beach wedding? Pick flowers indigenous to tropical islands; like azaleas or Angel’s trumpet. Doing a black and white wedding? Try beautiful white carnations. Think about what kind of message and style you want your wedding to have and plan accordingly.

5)      Put some of yourself into the arrangement

Your floral arrangement will be much more personal if you find ways of putting yourself and your style into the arrangement. Base you color palette off of your wardrobe. Pick flowers that would complement the style of your favorite designer. The more personality you put into the flowers, the more you will cherish the arrangement.

Picking out flowers for your wedding can be a very stressful affair; but if you take the right steps, it doesn’t have to be. As long as you have a clear idea of you what you want, take into consideration the time of year, do your homework on the florist, stay realistic about your budget, remember to inject a little bit of you into the whole thing; you won’t have any trouble selecting a gorgeous arrangement and bouquet that will stun all of your guests. If you’re smart about and put trust in yourself, you’ll do just fine.

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The majority of the time a bride finds the perfect dress in a ship but she also finds that it doesn’t fit the way she wants it too. Off the rack is never tailored to fit the bride trying it on correctly, and the pins and claps placed on by the shop owner are in no way permanent. A dress from a shop usually needs to be altered and made to fit the bride. Some brides may find that they are more interested in finding a dress that fits perfectly the first time – but unless you go to a specialty shop and have the dress made from you there on the spot, having your dress altered is usually a must.

No matter where you go to get your dress altered there are a lot of things to keep in mind. Do you think you will lose or gain weight before the wedding? What is your budget for alterations? Do you have a timeline for your wedding dress to be completed? All of these are excellent questions. A bride may have found the perfect wedding dress, but if it hangs off of her, or sucks her in so tight she can’t breathe, that beautiful gown won’t be so perfect on the wedding day. Below is a guide to help you work out some of your alteration worries and set you on the path to your perfect fit.

Weight Loss and Gain: As we all know, getting married is a stressful time. In fact, on the Holes and Rahe Stress Scale it is listed as the seventh most stressful event in a person life. Many brides deal with a fluctuation in their weight during the planning stages of their wedding. Stress can lead to overeating and sometimes under-eating due to the sheer amount of planning and work that needs to get done. Keeping that in mind as you find someone to do your dress alterations is a big plus. Working with the tailor or seamstress to judge how much to take in, or out, the dress will save you money in the long run.

What’s Your Budget: Some brides may not realize that alterations can end up costing the bride quite a bit of money depending on where they go. This is where you need to step into the role of the frugal bride. Check around at different shops for discounts. Some shops may offer you discounts if you bring in your entire wedding party to get their dresses altered. Now and then you’ll find a wonderful seamstress who has done a ton of brides that doesn’t charge a lot of money to have your dress altered. Ask family members and friends if they have heard of any good shops around to take your dress to. More than likely someone has heard of a good place to go and you’ll be able to go that won’t be too expensive. Try and set a budget for your alterations and stick to it if at all possible.

Remember Your Timeline: More than likely you have heard the horror stories of dresses not being done in time. There are even stories about overwhelmed brides forgetting to pick up their dress before the shop closes. These are all things that can be prevented if you have a solid timeline in place for your alteration expert to review. Working with them to plan exactly when the dress needs to be done by, saving room for any issues that might happen, will save everyone the stress of not having the dress finished on time. It is recommended that a bride have their alterations finished one month ahead of the wedding so there is wiggle room in case something needs to be fixed.

Find Someone You Trust: Just as with finding your wedding dress, finding someone to do the alterations is just as personal. All brides should keep in mind that you will be seeing this person several times and they will be an integral part of your wedding day. You should first and foremost find a seamstress or tailor that will fit your budget and also that you can easily explain things to. You’ll need them to understand the exact look you want from your dress. Having a seamstress or tailor you trust to help you get the exact fit you want will mean all the difference on your big day.

Following these steps will ensure that your wedding dress alterations are on track and on budget. Finding the right alteration expert might take a few tries but at the end of the day when you find the perfect person it takes a major stress off the bride.

Contact us a Labella Too for your alteration needs at 703-494-2929. We are experienced fitting specialists, dedicated to giving you the best alterations and tailoring you will find. We have over 40 years of experience in fine custom sewing and alteration of bridal gowns, prom dresses, men’s suits, as well as a host of other clothier services. 

Image credit: Freedigitalphotos.net

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Planning and attending a wedding is one of the most stressful events a person will go through. Although it is also one of the best events, so taking the good with the bad exactly sums up the process of planning a wedding. Most of the stress will fall upon the bride and groom as they deal with relatives, making sure everything is finished, and looking ahead to starting out their life together, there is also a major stress that is put upon the parents. For most parents, involving yourself in planning the wedding will be a natural duty. Brides often revert to asking their mother for help and for their opinion on a variety of matters from place settings to where colors her shoes need to be. Parents are also often on the receiving end when it comes to stress boiling over. A bride, and grooms for that matter, will seek comfort or to vent upon their parents when things have begun to go wrong with all their plans. For this reason, parents too need support and advice during the process of planning and enduring a wedding of their son or daughter. Below is a collection of compiled tips that parents may need, or at least they may need to take a look at after things go downhill during the process.

Communication with the Other Half: This is a step that most parents aren’t familiar with. Ether one side is in charge of everything, or the other side handles the majority of tasks. Even if this is a factor in your son or daughter’s wedding, keep in mind that being cordial with the other parental-half can put both sides at ease. Plan a small dinner with the other side of parents and get to know them at least on a general basis. There may not be any further meetings with them, but a single meeting to show your united love for the happy couple, and willingness to combine families, will make things a little easier for your son or daughter.

If You Pay for the Wedding…: Paying for the traditionally falls upon the parents of the bride. Because of this, you might find yourself wanting to offer your input a little more than you usually would if the bride were paying for it herself. This is easily understandable and can be remedied by some strong communication with your daughter. Sit down and talk to her about your thoughts on the wedding and how you would like to see if be done, and then listen to her desires. Get a notebook and write down the items on the list that you can both agree on. If your budget doesn’t include some of the things she wants, ask her if she would like to pay for some of these items. Or, if she wants a smaller wedding while you want a grander event, talk things out and see if she would allow you a little more freedom in making her day special. At the end of the day, you may have to compromise a bit more. This is her day, after all.

Learn to Deal: For some parents, the stress of the day can be a huge burden that’s liable to explode at any moment. As a parent you have to deal with helping your son or daughter, while also seeing them become more independent and, at the end of the day, letting them go off to start their own life with someone else. For this reason, amongst a lot of other reasons, learning to deal with whatever comes along, and letting it go, is a very important lesson for parents to take to heart. You won’t always agree with what you child wants. Arguing them down won’t help much in the grand scheme of things. Resentment before the wedding is definitely not a great idea. Getting along with everyone during the wedding is also important to remember. There is likely to be someone attending that you dislike. This is natural. Exchange polite greetings and then moving on is the most efficient way to deal with this issue. Learning to deal with all the rough points will allow the wedding to go far smoother than if you jumped on every distressing point.

Simply Be There: This is the easiest tip to give to parents. Just being there for your son or daughter is the most important role you can play in the entire wedding. Help when you’re asked to help, comfort them when things go wrong, and be happy and joyful when the big day comes. Being a parent instead of a teacher or instructor for the day will help them know that there is a steady place they can turn to when all the planning gets to them. Being a parent and being there for support is exactly what you need to do during the planning and wedding.

Not every wedding goes as planned and there will be times of stress on all sides. Learning to communicate effectively and calmly with your child might end up saving everyone a lot of stress. Always remember that planning a wedding is a tense time and a little compassion and understanding can go a long way.


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Some couples are all about bucking the tradition. They aren’t interested in the traditional church wedding and opt for a little something different when it is time to say ‘I do’ to their partner. This is where the destination wedding comes into play. Couples without roots in a certain area, or who are interested in a more exciting location for their big day, are opting for a wedding outside of the usual places. Some venture to cultural places such as Japan or India, while others head down to Mexico or out to an exotic island for their nuptials. A destination wedding is also used by some couples to simplify the wedding in itself. The ability to fly off to some random location, get married, and enjoy the area is much easier than the months of planning and stress.

Of course, if you’re looking for a full wedding along with the exotic location then you might be heaping more on your plate than you originally would have with a more traditional wedding. So how should you go about creating and planning the perfect destination wedding? Below are some tips to help everything go smoothly. Whether you’re having a large wedding in the English countryside or a small wedding on the beach, these tips will help prevent your exotic wedding from becoming tribal warfare.

Pick a Location Based on the Season: This one might seem like an odd one but think about this scenario. You’ve planned your wedding for an island surrounded by beautiful water, brought some of your family out, and are ready for the big day. The only downside of this is that you have picked the hurricane season for your big day. The weather stations all claim your big day will be clear but a sudden storm blows up and your big day turns into a nightmare for not only you and your groom, but also all your loved ones. Doing a little research about seasons and weather concerns for your location will save you a lot of trouble in the future, as well as a dangerous wedding day.

Think About Your Guests: Not everyone will be able to attend your big day. That’s something you’ll need to face and move on from if you’re set on having a destination wedding. Some of your older family members, or those with obligations at home, may not have the opportunity to leave it all behind and venture to wherever you are. Along with the money it costs them to do so. Bearing this in mind, if you are planning a wedding away from home you will need to give family members plenty of time to plan and try and think of ways to cut costs for them. Along with this be sure to leave one day, typically Sunday, for your guests to go and explore the location. They might be there for your wedding but it doesn’t mean it isn’t a vacation for them.

Remember the Little Things: Horror stories of destination weddings gone terribly wrong are scattered throughout the internet. Plan the entire wedding but left the rings at home? Or maybe you completely forgot about making sure you have someone ordained to marry you. These are simple things that sometimes go awry when all the dust settles. Sitting down with your partner to make a list of every single small detail of your wedding might seem like a big undertaking but it will put your mind at ease that no stone is left unturned.

Deciding on a Wedding Planner: Some couples enjoy the thrill of planning a wedding themselves, which is completely fine. But some couples would prefer to focus on some of the smaller tasks instead of the overall stress of planning the entire day. Especially for a destination wedding, having a planner to help guide you might be the smartest move of your wedding. A wedding planner with experience in destination weddings could make all the difference. They’ll know some tips and tricks on getting better prices, maneuvering around local customs, and helping to make sure all your guests are accounted and cared for.

If you need help with anything for your wedding or would like to have a consultation with one of our fashion experts. Give us a phone call at 703-494-2929 or schedule a consultation. Don’t forget to mention “Go Chic. Go Labella.” for specials.

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 Your wedding day is crammed full of things to think of. While the bride and groom do have help, they are the ones with the final say on certain things. There’s the reception to worry about, the wedding party, guests arriving and being comfortable, and any other thing one could think of. And no matter the bride, the day or the venue there is the possibility of something going wrong sometime during that special day.

No bride wants to think about it. They’ve planned for months and reviewed every last thing down to the way bows are tied or flowers are arranged. The happy couple has made sure and double-checked that everything on their special day will go smoothly. But even with all the planning and checking the worst still may happen. And although a bride likes to think their day might be perfect, it could very well be anything but. That’s when the bride and groom should think ahead and plan for the worst case scenario. It might seem like a jinx to some but it could potentially save the special couple thousands of dollars and save their wedding day.

One huge safety net for a wedding is to get Wedding Insurance. A basic wedding insurance costs between $155 and $550 and covers the loss of photos, clothing, rings, deposits, and more. Before you dive in and get wedding insurance you should check to see if you truly need it. Each of your vendors will have coverage of their own. You wouldn’t want to pay for useless coverage when your vendors may already have it covered. But if your vendors have lacking coverage you might want to purchase some insurance to cover you just in case.

Some people may not be aware of exactly why they would need insurance. The examples are endless as to why a couple may need insurance.

Here are a few things that can be covered by wedding insurance: Weather conditions (e.g. ice storms during a winter weddings) Accidents or any injuries Replacement of veils or gowns Issues with the wedding site Vendor no shows Last minute Military or job relocations Here are a few scenarios where wedding insurance would be needed:

Be aware that wedding coverage doesn’t cover everything. For example, getting cold feet on the big day and canceling the event isn’t covered. And while your wedding rings are likely covered by the policy, the bride’s engagement ring probably isn’t. Make sure you understand your policy before you proceed with coverage.Say the bride steps outside with her new groom for the pictures. Her dress is long and though she has it hoisted up, the train still sweeps the floor and hits, unfortunately, on a still smoldering cigarette. The flame burns a hole through the dress. With the right policy her dress will be covered. Perhaps the wedding day is actually ruined. Some brides pick tricky times of the year for a wedding. Spring can often bring around a lot of rain. Say your big day is interrupted by flash flooding. Your guests can’t get to the venue and you find out that the hall is actually flooded. Unfortunately that means you must postpone the wedding for a later date. With the right policy, wedding insurance will cover the money for invitations, catering, attire, and other non-refundable deposits so you don’t lose a single cent on your flooded day.

Consult a professional to ensure you understand and are covered with your policy.

If you need help with anything for your wedding or would like to have a consultation with one of our fashion experts. Give us a phone call at 703-494-2929 or schedule a consultation. Don’t forget to mention “Go Chic. Go Labella.” for specials.

Labella Bridal & Consignment Boutique, where chic and affordability go together in style.

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