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Every bride is different. Some brides like short dresses, some like long. Some brides buck a white wedding and other brides go all out on traditional. No one bride is the same which means that no one wedding is the same. There are those weddings you hear about which take years to plan and then there are the weddings which seem to take, at most, a couple weeks to get right. If you’re a bride willing to take a few risks in order to speed things up in the planning department then read on for some tips which may help you arrive ahead of schedule.

Top Three

Planning a quick wedding requires you to cut down your list of wants. So when you realize a quick wedding is what you want, sit down with your partner and pick out the top three things you really “must have” at your wedding. It gives you a jumping off point so you at least have the things you really want at your wedding.

Pin Down a Date

If you’re planning a wedding on the fly then pinning down a date early on will give you a timeline for when things absolutely must be completed. Think of it as the kick you need to make sure stick to your original plan instead of adding useless tasks to the docket.

Alert Everyone

Guests need to be made aware that the wedding isn’t going to be a far in the future idea. If you have family coming from elsewhere, adhere to a strict schedule. Grabbing a plane on short notice can be tricky and expensive so be courteous to guests from everywhere.

Organize Everything

You have less time to plan which means things happen at a much quicker pace than when you have a longer timeline to play around with. Instead of weeks between finalizing arrangements, you have days. The best course of action is to get organized as quickly as possible so dates aren’t left in the dust.

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wedding theme

If you’ve never been to a wedding or thrown a big party then there’s a high chance you know nothing about the art of a wedding/party theme. The wedding theme is an idea many brides may be surprised to learn of. During the initial consultation with your wedding planner the question is likely to come up – what is your theme? In simple terms, a wedding theme is what your wedding is centered around. Are you a quirky bride with a kitsch 80s themed wedding? How about a timeless shabby chic theme? Your wedding design is whatever you make of it. Whether you have a Mario-inspired cake with a gamer-centered wedding or create a unique theme focused on a shared hobby, your theme is what you create.

Whatever You Want

There’s only one wedding which means your theme is going to be permanently on display inside your wedding album for generations to check out. Timeless, classic themes are always in style if you’re having trouble coming up with anything. But for couples looking to make their wedding more in line with what they value, make sure you do just that. Your wedding is your wedding. It’s what you and your partner want to share. Chances are that you’re also paying for most of the event. So if you want to have a jungle-themed wedding complete with toucan sounds, you do you.


Having a unique theme is a fun way to put a spin on your wedding day. As much fun as it might be to try and recreate the manor house from Downton Abbey, think of you budget. While a theme is an important way to help pull everything together it’s also vital that it doesn’t back your budget into a corner. Think of how to bring your theme into the wedding day with “touches” instead of giant pieces.

Find the Right Planner

Not every wedding planner is going to understand your desire to have a Walking Dead themed wedding. In fact, there’s a high probability that you might go through a few wedding planners until finding someone willing to make a stab at adding a little zombie spice to your big day. A wedding planner willing to jump on board and make it happen is the one you need to set your sights on. Otherwise their lackluster performance may lead to your wedding feeling a little more dead than walking.

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bridal shower

The bridal shower, also known as the couples shower, is like the cherry on top after all the main wedding planning is complete. Luckily the bride need not worry about the bridal shower. Taking up the reins for the event are friends, family, or members of the bridal party in general. Contrary to popular belief, the maid or matron of honor doesn’t necessarily have to be at the head of planning the bridal shower. In modern times the shower planning falls into the lap of an entire group rather than one particular person which means more hands on deck to help plan a beautiful shower. If you’ve never been to a bridal shower or heard of one before, check out the tips below on how to throw an amazing shower that the bride will love.

Question the Bride

This one seems a little stauncher than it actually is. But questioning the bride is going to give you a lot more to go on than trying to pull ideas out of thin air. While the bride may be busy trying to get some last minute wedding business complete there is a good chance she’ll have a few minutes to sit down and discuss her wedding shower. Get a list together beforehand so you’re prepared. Does she want a nice restaurant or a casual BBQ? Does the bride want just her close friends there or will it be a true couple’s shower – meaning her partners friends as well. Decide on a few key components she would like to see at the shower. Her favorite drink, colors she likes, and any other things you think will bowl her over. At the end of the day your group should decide what goes and what stays. While the bride won’t be planning the whole thing herself, it’s always important to get her input. Asking questions now can avert disaster later when a whole flock of people show up to a shower they weren’t invited to in the first place.

Narrow Down Guests

Just like the wedding planning, deciding on guests for the shower is just as vital to a successful event. If your bride just wants her closest girlfriends attending the shower then plan accordingly. As hard as it is to cut some people off the list it’s vital to keeping your budget for the event under control. There will always be a few superfluous names on the list that can be removed. The bride will more than likely have a good idea of names she would like to invite. If the bride puts your group completely in charge of planning the entire shindig with zero input on her end then err on the side of caution. Don’t let your guest list swell to be the same size as the wedding guest list. Keep the shower list simple. Invite her closest friends, family members you think she’ll want there, and avoid inviting anyone who may not add to the happiness level of the bride or the couple.

Don’t Overdo It

Want to show the bride how much you love her? An over the top bridal shower is probably not the best way to go about this. Overdoing the shower will make it look like you’re trying to compete with the wedding day. The most common type of bridal shower, or even the couple shower, is an intimate event with close friends and family. It’s a way for the bride to relax before the main event. Your group of planners should take this into consideration before starting the process. A huge event is less likely to go over well. Blowing money on food, décor, and reservations at the hottest place in town will put more tension on the couple than is necessary as they worry over how much your group has spent on a single evening for them. A huge guest list will also leave them spending most of the night making sure they have said hello to all the guests.

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Logo of bridal couple hands

Popping the question. Putting a ring on it. Getting that rock. There is a ton of ways to say it – you’re engaged! It’s one of most exciting times in your life. The story is likely to be told again and again through generations. Engagements can be fun, romantic, silly, or a huge surprise. While pulling off the perfect engagement story is the top goal, what happens next is just as important. Post-engagement gaffes are popular online. There’s the video of a women knocking the ring out of a guy’s hand straight into the water or a man passing out immediately after popping the question. There are a few mistakes that you’ll want to avoid making right out of the gate. The excitement of the moment can easily lead to some pretty egregious errors. Check out the tips below on what big mistakes you’ll want to sidestep once that question is popped.

Social Media Rush

In the age of instant knowledge there are drawbacks to everything being right there at your fingertips. It’s easy to write, post, click, and send without a second thought. More often than not the ability to instantly post something online turns out to be the worst idea possible. Sadly once something is out there in the Twitter or Facebook universe – it’s out there forever. That means the minute you post pictures of your beautiful ring then your collective online community is going to start spreading the buzz. Take a moment before you head to your social media apps and remember where that information might need to go first. If you have a close family and siblings then consider how they might feel learning about your engagement on a Facebook post. Your parents may not even have social media to begin with. It’s a small thing that usually gets thrown aside in favor of posting your pictures as soon as possible but just remember the ramifications of not telling the right people first.

Sudden Planning

Sometimes the thrill of the moment can lead to some knee-jerk reactions. Couples have gone from celebrating the moment to booking a church within the span of an hour. Sometimes the romance can get the better of you. Planning your wedding becomes a major event you need to start planning as soon as you can. Before you jump into planning mode, let the engagement feeling wash over for a bit. It’s understandable that you want to begin planning your big day as soon as you possibly can. There is a lot to think about! But sadly with the swell of excitement, bad choices can be made. Locations can be booked that you aren’t happy with down the road. People can be promised a spot in your bridal lineup that you have differing opinions on when it comes right down to it. Instead of rushing to planning mode, wait. Enjoy the moment. There is plenty of time to begin planning your dream wedding. Rushing to invite guests, promise bridesmaids or groomsmen, and book a location you’re not thrilled about is never the smartest move to make.

Ruin the Moment

Nothing can take the wind out of engagement sails faster than jumping on your phone to begin the calling, texting, snapping, tweeting, and posting spree that often happens right after the engagement. If both you and your future spouse are on board with the digital sharing, go for it. If your partner isn’t so keen on updating followers as soon as possible then it might be the smarter choice to keep your phone in your pocket and enjoy the moment at hand. An engagement is an amazing event meant to be savored. It’s a special time for you and your partner so respecting that bond means you may need to toss aside your desire to post everything online within minutes of the big question being asked. Living in the moment with your partner will ensure the two of you have time to celebrate this special time together.


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Wedding Couple

Here at Labella Bridal we are in the business of finding our brides the most beautiful dress possible for their big day. The culmination of all our hard work is getting to see how lovely a bride looks through pictures sent our way. It’s an honor to be a small part of your wedding. Seeing these beautiful pictures only fuels our passion for providing clients with the best service in the area as well as the latest trends for every season.

Sarah and Travis’ wedding was the latest pictures we were able to enjoy. We are so delighted to share the pictures with our clients. Congratulations to the stunning couple and thank you for letting Labella Bridal play a small role in such an amazing day.

These pictures are kindly provided by Diana Gordon Photography – Twitter, Facebook, Instagram.

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A DIY wedding is the ultimate dream for any crafty types. For any DIY bride worth her hot glue gun, heading over to Pinterest is first up on the list of inspiration. Brides are no longer dependent on letting everyone else create the wedding of their dreams. There are sites dedicated to giving couples the upper hand in planning, decorating, and throwing their ideal wedding day. While popular sites might make it seem as easy as grabbing a few items from your local supply store, a DIY wedding has a few extra steps that might not be on your radar. Trying your hand at a DIY wedding is definitely doable with the right preparation ahead of time. We’ve rounded up some points that may be easy to miss when dealing with all your DIY-details. Take a look at the list below and make sure you’ve checked your list twice.


Okay, so doing the wedding yourself is going to take a little extra time than hiring someone to do it all for you, agreed? How much extra time you need to allot yourself depends on how organized you are and what army you have behind you. Do you have amazingly talented friends with an eye for crafts on the fly? Cut some time off. Are you super organized with a wedding binder so immaculate that it’s likely to be passed down from generation to generation? That’s more time off your budget. Time can be your friend or your enemy when you go the DIY route. Just remember one simple rule – if you think a task will take a few hours to complete, always add a few more. It’s better to be safe than sorry you ever tried to figure out how to make Papier Mâché rice holders.

Savvy Help

If you wrangle your friends or family members in to help with all the DIY festivities then consider yourself lucky enough to have a great group surrounding you. On the other hand it might be best to figure out which members of your squad will be the right fit. Some of your friends may not be ready to tackle what you throw at them. There are makers and breakers in life. Pinterest is not for the faint of decorative heart. If your friend doesn’t think she’ll be able to make origami doves, she more than likely will return to you with wadded up pieces of paper that only resemble a dove when you squint really hard. It’s in your best interest to decide which in your group are up for the DIY haul.

Perfection is Impossible

No matter how many times you check over the binders, how beautifully you’ve designed the wildflower centerpieces, or how well your entire group performed on the whole DIY event, there are going to be issues. It doesn’t matter if you’re planning the wedding or someone else has the reins. A DIY wedding is great way to make a wedding exactly what you want. An asterisk to this, of course, is what no wedding will ever go off without a hitch. You can plan every minute detail down to which leg you lead off with going down the aisle but at the end of the day there is a chance something might not turn out as planned. Coming to terms with this fact before you even make your first craft run will make the next few months a little less stressful.

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Fashion Men Vintage

The wedding is all about the bride. It might sound like the oldest cliché in the book when it comes to wedding-talk but more often than not it’s a true sentiment. Wedding dress shopping is a far grander event, gowns are often a tad more exciting than a tux, and the general theme of a wedding is usually focused on the beauty of the bride. Yet there’s another piece of the puzzle that has to be there in order for the wedding to precede – the groom.

Getting through the wedding as a groom can be an ordeal. No, you probably don’t care about the different shades of purple and silver. If the names Amaryllis, Lisianthus, or Peruvian Lilies mean little to nothing to you, it’s expected. As a groom you’re idea of getting married means showing up at the right time and then celebrating on the honeymoon. Although most of the smaller details will be safely kept in her domain there are a few things a groom should always take part in – no matter how tedious it might seem.

Make Decisions Together

There are some things in the wedding planning phase that you can’t skip out on – as much as you’d love to be doing anything else. Sure, you’ll more than likely be off scot-free when it comes to the important task of picking out table runners or floral designs but before you kick your feet up and wait for the big day to arrive you will have to get your hands a little dirty. The 80/20 rule applies to wedding planning as well. If you’ve never heard of the rule before it simply states that a small amount of decisions shape what the eventual outcome will be like. Think of it as 20% choices and 80% outcome. The top three things you should always have a hand in are the guest list, entertainment, and food. You don’t want a gross meal, a huge guest list which blows your budget, or a DJ with an affinity for playing heavy metal all night long – unless that’s your thing. Sit down with your future bride and decide on the main three. You’ll both be thankful you took the time at the end of the day.

Be There When Needed

If you’re not the chief planner then you’ll have little to no understanding of how infamously stressful it can be. Your wedding can be large or small and still include a ton of details that someone needs to figure out. Sometimes all the color choosing and flower details can get to be a little too much to handle. That’s where you come in. If your partner needs to unload some of their stresses, listen. If you can help decide on some things she’s having trouble with, make a choice. You wouldn’t believe how far a small gesture goes when your partner is in the middle of the wedding planning chaos. Sometimes you have to bite the bullet and wade in. On the flip side you should test the water with a careful toe. It’s a good idea not to cause trouble with your opinions on things which have already been settled. Telling your bride that you prefer a different color for tablecloths after they’ve already been ordered is not a battle you want to start. Instead – wait. If you see an opening to help, do so. Anything you can do to make planning easier will win you so many points.

Mind Your Groomsmen

The groomsmen you choose are likely to be your friends or family members. That means that you should probably be in charge of making sure they understand what’s going on. Think of them as your loyal companions on a long journey – and you’re the leader. You need to make sure they have everything needed to go the distance. Picking groomsmen only to dump them off on your future bride to deal with doesn’t seem like a fair game if you truly think about it. You should be in charge of your group without a doubt. Make sure they are aware of dates, times, and any other events they need to show up for. Give them an itinerary on a card small enough to keep in their wallet. Make sure their phones have reminders programmed in. Do whatever it takes to make sure your crew is well-informed and well-prepared. Shopping for suits is also a prime area where things tend to go astray. If your bride chooses a color, stick with it. Don’t let your groomsmen talk you into something off the beaten path.


If you have questions about wedding gowns or special occasion dresses, Labella Bridal is here to help. Call us at 703-494-2929 for more information.

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Wedding Couple

Technology has morphed the wedding industry into a completely different animal. It has given rise to the DIY wedding and made it easier for couples to find help from planners and day-of coordinators. Venues are a mouse click away and searching out the perfect wedding boutique for shopping purposes is easier than ever. There are good points to using technology for your wedding…and then there are bad parts. Emails can get deleted or thrown into your spam folder accidentally, sites can supply incorrect information, and even technology on your wedding day can cause some major disruptions. But when technology behaves then it can be a huge defender of your budget. One perfect example of technology improving the wedding industry is by way of building a wedding website. There are so many reasons why a website is a huge plus. Check out some of the reasons below as well as a list at the end with a few sites which make it easy to build a wedding website.

Save the Cash

The little things add up when planning your big day. Paper goods have long been the tradition when it comes to alerting guests about all the times, dates, and extra information. Instead of plunking down a wad of cash for personalized Save the Dates, why not mix it up a little with the help of technology? A wedding website can be the perfect solution to a budget-conscious couple. Most of your wedding guests will more than likely have access to the internet. People may often joke about your grandma being on Facebook but the truth of the matter is this – your grandma probably is on Facebook and she’d love to check out your wedding website. Guests can be sent the link via email, Facebook, or even Twitter if your guests are tech savvy enough. For guests unable to get access to a computer or who don’t participate in social media then make a special phone call to inform them of all the correct information. It’s easier than trying to send out cards and much kinder to your wallet at the end of the day.

Easy Updates

Plans change at the drop of a hat. Say you have an outdoor wedding planned with the forecast showing a beautiful day. The next week a front moves through and you’re left with the prospect of one rainy day parade. Updating all of your guests at the last minute takes time – time you might not have. Not to stress level. Guests might be flying in from another state or driving from several towns over. Making emergency phone calls might not knock everyone off the list. An unscheduled update to your wedding festivities can cause a lot of unneeded chaos. With a wedding website readily available you can easily update all the new information in an instant. A quick message pointing to your wedding website with the updated information you have on hand can save guests from issues with driving directions or time constraints. Paper invitations can be beautiful and personal but they are far harder to change than if you had a wedding website to update accordingly.

Environmentally Friendly

If you’re going green for your wedding day then this is right up your alley. Many bridal magazines and sites are brimming with opportunities to make your wedding as friendly as possible when it comes to the environment. Building a wedding website is yet another way to keep that green theme running. There is no extra paper involved which means not only do you save money, but you also save paper and ink. Building a website can take all the waste out of the equation. Think of how many things you might send? There’s a save the date, invitations, guest cards, updated notes you may have to send, and a host of other little paper products which can be easily shrunk down and placed on a website. A wedding website is fully customizable so you’ll not have to worry about a tradeoff between beauty and function. A wedding site is also a great way to have a “keepsake” of your planning process, so to speak. So long as you keep the site maintained it can act as a virtual album to visit from time to time with your spouse.

Here are some wonderful platforms which allow you to build your personal wedding website on. We are not sponsored or affiliated with any of these sites.

Minted WeddingWire The Knot eWedding

If you have questions about wedding gowns or special occasion dresses, Labella Bridal is here to help. Call us at 703-494-2929 for more information.

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wedding couple

There is one essential part of your wedding which might bring you the most joy after the big day is finished. You and your spouse return home to find presents piled up just waiting to be opened. That’s the joy of a wedding registry. Creating your registry is one of the many purely fun parts of planning your wedding. Going to a store with your future husband or wife and choosing all the items you’d love to have for your home is a special time for the two of you to share. While creating your registry might seem like a pretty simple task, building a registry that is actually beneficial to both you, as well as your wedding guests, takes time and a little bit of planning. If you’re curious as to how you should build your wedding registry then check out some of the tips below.

Going Hog Wild

Remember how excited you were for Christmas or your birthday as a kid? Your focus was on presents. You couldn’t wait to see all the new stuff you got and the thought of ripping off the wrapping paper kept you up at night. This can easily happen when it comes time to start your registry. Going through the store can be overwhelming. Simply put – the store has a lot of items. A lot of items you would love for your home. In fact, there are so many amazing items in any given store that it’s easy to leave with hundreds of things on your list without even realizing it. That’s where the hog wild term comes in. Walking through your favorite store with a scanner gun giddy with wedding bliss can lead to your wedding registry growing a little too big to handle. Before heading to the store you should always sit down with your partner and discuss what items you truly need for your home. Staples like linens, cookware, and kitchenware are all high on the list. If you already have those items in stock from other family members or past purchases then move on to other areas which might be helpful – décor and household essentials.

Include Several Known Stores

One major mistake some couples go in for when planning their registry is picking a single store for everything. It might seem like a simple way to keep your list in order, but keep in mind that guests may want a variety of places to choose from. Not to mention the prices from store to store vary. Technology has made it extremely easy for most wedding guests to pop online, search through your registry, and order something nice in under a few minutes. Online-only stores may be appealing due to price or ease of access but think about your guests. Older guests may be more inclined to visit the store in person to pick out their items. Choosing stores which appeal only to tech-savvy friends may end with limited items from your registry if guests are unable to order online. While choosing a few of your favorite niche stores online is fine, try to include some bigger well-known chains as well. That way all members of your wedding day will be able to choose something beautiful from your wedding registry.

No Personal Items

This notch on the list might be a hard pill to swallow for some brides and grooms. That new shaving set might really help get your wedding off on the right foot. Plus those designer shoes you’ve been dying to purchase will really brighten up your new closet, right? Sadly these arguments don’t really hold up when it comes time for you to create your registry. Trying to build a registry with a lot of personal items is tacky in the wedding world. Your wedding registry should always be a reflection of what you need as a couple. These items should help you flourish in your new home or get you ready for living together. Some of the gifts will be essential to helping you operate once you return from your honeymoon. As much as a wedding registry might seem like it’s all about you and your partner, it’s really about you as a couple. It’s tempting to add a few items here and there that fall into the personal gift category but do your best to resist. Find a beautiful lamp or a nice rug instead and add that to your list.


If you have questions about wedding gowns or special occasion dresses, Labella Bridal is here to help. Call us at 703-494-2929 for more information.

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Bridal Gowns

The wedding industry is changing at lightning speed these days. Technology has had a huge hand in how weddings are planned. It has allowed couples and weddings planners to make the day a truly unique experience for everyone involved. With each new wave of weddings there comes a change in how couples view the event. Some couples choose a certain theme, other couples put the emphasis on fashion, and in current times more and more couples are looking at how their wedding makes an impact on the environment. Going green is what the world is striving for. Companies are cutting down on their waste and looking at alternate energy means. Families are finding small ways to help cut down on their waste as well. In the wedding industry, planning a green wedding is slowly becoming more and more appealing. Since weddings are often large events, making a small footprint on the environment is a great way for couples to have a wonderful wedding as well as feel good about their choices. If you are looking for tips to begin planning your green wedding then check out the items below for some great ideas.

Reusable and Recyclable Décor

A wedding is made up of bits and pieces from all over the place. Consider just how many small pieces there are to your wedding day. There are wedding invitations, flowers, table settings, rehearsal dinners, wedding programs, and a whole host of other items that make up a full wedding day. This can also add up to a lot of waste in the process. Think of how much could be saved and recycled or reused if you took a moment to check out green alternatives during the course of planning your wedding. Tablecloths, for example, can be washed and used over again. Buying one-use tablecloths can be a waste and leaves no room for recycling. Items like tablecloths, dinnerware, and a lot of decorations can be used again at some point. For centerpieces try and think DIY. Use items that you’ll be more than happy bringing back to your house once the wedding is done and over with. As far as invitations and paper goods go, always find paper which consists of recycled material. Since you might be printing up quite a few of the invitations and programs think of how eco it is to use recycled paper for all of it.

Shop Local

This is one item that tends to get tossed aside by some couples, but also some wedding planners. Shopping local might take a little more time but it is definitely worth it at the end of the day if you’re looking to make your wedding as eco-friendly as possible. Looking for local vendors means that you can investigate their practices behind the scenes. Are they striving for eco-friendly practices in their day-to-day operations? Can you verify that the products you purchased are up to green standards? When you shop local the questions are easier to ask and locating the greenest vendors is much simpler than if you were to try and search online. Local vendors also have the added benefit of being, well, local. That means large amounts of fuel aren’t used transporting the goods to you from the other side of the country or world. Shopping local puts you in charge when looking for eco-friendly shops. Small guest favors can be bought from local shops which may lead guests to checking out the shop for themselves.

Green Fashion

One of the greatest ways the wedding industry has changed is the availability of green items and the ability for everyone to make their wedding as eco-friendly as possible. Every part of your wedding can reduce waste. Reducing your footprint on the environment can inspire guests at your wedding to think green in their everyday life. A major way to bring green practices into your wedding is by showcasing your commitment to the environment one the day of your wedding and beyond. Dresses and suits made of recycled material do exist and are becoming more popular with each year. Research gowns online and find out which shops have gowns made up of some recycled materials. You can also buy gowns from second-hand shops. Suit rentals are also a great way to go green on your wedding day. One of the best options for a green wedding is purchasing antique wedding rings and bands. These rings have been around for many years and the stones can often be replaced with conflict free diamonds, or another stone if preferred. Buying vintage wedding rings and bands, which come in a variety of beautiful shapes and sizes, can remind you of your green wedding day for years to come.

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