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The wedding industry is changing at lightning speed these days. Technology has had a huge hand in how weddings are planned. It has allowed couples and weddings planners to make the day a truly unique experience for everyone involved. With each new wave of weddings there comes a change in how couples view the event. Some couples choose a certain theme, other couples put the emphasis on fashion, and in current times more and more couples are looking at how their wedding makes an impact on the environment. Going green is what the world is striving for. Companies are cutting down on their waste and looking at alternate energy means. Families are finding small ways to help cut down on their waste as well. In the wedding industry, planning a green wedding is slowly becoming more and more appealing. Since weddings are often large events, making a small footprint on the environment is a great way for couples to have a wonderful wedding as well as feel good about their choices. If you are looking for tips to begin planning your green wedding then check out the items below for some great ideas.

Reusable and Recyclable Décor

A wedding is made up of bits and pieces from all over the place. Consider just how many small pieces there are to your wedding day. There are wedding invitations, flowers, table settings, rehearsal dinners, wedding programs, and a whole host of other items that make up a full wedding day. This can also add up to a lot of waste in the process. Think of how much could be saved and recycled or reused if you took a moment to check out green alternatives during the course of planning your wedding. Tablecloths, for example, can be washed and used over again. Buying one-use tablecloths can be a waste and leaves no room for recycling. Items like tablecloths, dinnerware, and a lot of decorations can be used again at some point. For centerpieces try and think DIY. Use items that you’ll be more than happy bringing back to your house once the wedding is done and over with. As far as invitations and paper goods go, always find paper which consists of recycled material. Since you might be printing up quite a few of the invitations and programs think of how eco it is to use recycled paper for all of it.

Shop Local

This is one item that tends to get tossed aside by some couples, but also some wedding planners. Shopping local might take a little more time but it is definitely worth it at the end of the day if you’re looking to make your wedding as eco-friendly as possible. Looking for local vendors means that you can investigate their practices behind the scenes. Are they striving for eco-friendly practices in their day-to-day operations? Can you verify that the products you purchased are up to green standards? When you shop local the questions are easier to ask and locating the greenest vendors is much simpler than if you were to try and search online. Local vendors also have the added benefit of being, well, local. That means large amounts of fuel aren’t used transporting the goods to you from the other side of the country or world. Shopping local puts you in charge when looking for eco-friendly shops. Small guest favors can be bought from local shops which may lead guests to checking out the shop for themselves.

Green Fashion

One of the greatest ways the wedding industry has changed is the availability of green items and the ability for everyone to make their wedding as eco-friendly as possible. Every part of your wedding can reduce waste. Reducing your footprint on the environment can inspire guests at your wedding to think green in their everyday life. A major way to bring green practices into your wedding is by showcasing your commitment to the environment one the day of your wedding and beyond. Dresses and suits made of recycled material do exist and are becoming more popular with each year. Research gowns online and find out which shops have gowns made up of some recycled materials. You can also buy gowns from second-hand shops. Suit rentals are also a great way to go green on your wedding day. One of the best options for a green wedding is purchasing antique wedding rings and bands. These rings have been around for many years and the stones can often be replaced with conflict free diamonds, or another stone if preferred. Buying vintage wedding rings and bands, which come in a variety of beautiful shapes and sizes, can remind you of your green wedding day for years to come.

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Here at Labella Bridal we hold a unique passion for working with our brides and clients. Our duty is to do right by their bridal vision – even if it means going the extra mile! One of our special brides had just 6 weeks to get everything together for her wedding. That meant our staff at Labella had 6 weeks as well!

When you talk about planning a wedding, deciding on a reception, and searching for a dress the time span usually ranges from several months to nearly a year. That means our staff at Labella has a decent amount of time to make sure your dress is perfection in your eyes. Sometimes, though, we like a bit of a challenge! A bride able to keep us on top of our game and on our toes is a true blessing indeed.

With only 6 weeks to help Carol Sejd find her perfect dress, Labella Bridal gave it our all. Carol was absolutely beautiful on her wedding day and wrote us a note thanking us for making her special day ‘Pinterest Worthy’. We couldn’t help but share these gorgeous wedding photos with our readers and want to wish Carol a partnership of love, joy, and many beautiful days to come.

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Bridal Gown

Traditions go hand in hand when you start talking about weddings. There are traditions which date back hundreds of years, traditions aligned with different faiths, and family traditions that you carry on through the generations. If you’re a bride in search of having a unique, personalized wedding that you create from scratch then you know how difficult it can be to break with those steadfast traditions. The wedding industry can sometimes focus on traditions a little too narrowly which makes it hard to even suggest what things you want to happen instead. Some brides feel that there’s a big book of wedding commandments you have to follow in order to appease both guests and family members. That isn’t the case. While some traditions might be hard to break, there is no rulebook you have to follow on your big day. It’s called your day for a reason. Below are some of the traditional wedding ‘commandments’ you can disregard when planning your event.

Bridal Party Fashion

It’s traditional for the bridal party to wear similar dresses on the day of your wedding. Brides usually find a flattering dress and let the bridesmaids each buy a copy. These days having an entire row of peach-colored bridesmaids wearing the exact same outfits is slowly inching out of the tradition books. Having an identical lineup is a commandment you should definitely break if you feel like it – for a number of reasons. One reason deals with money. Some of your bridesmaids might not be able to afford the dress you pick out for all of them. It can be a little awkward trying to tell the bride that the dress she has chosen is a little too expensive for your budget. It’s a tense situation that can easily be avoided. Another reason to bend on the bridesmaid rule is allowing your bridesmaids to showcase their style. Sure, your wedding dress is definitely going to outshine all of your bridesmaids on the big day. If your bridesmaids are true-blue friends then they’ll be excited to step aside and help shine the light on you. Why not give back a little and let them show off their personal styles? Sit down with your bridesmaids and let them show you what they’d like to wear. That way you can let them pick a dress in their style and on their budget while still getting your approval. It’s a win-win for all.

Fancy Cake

Let’s be honest – wedding cake isn’t all it’s cracked up to be sometimes. If you do a quick search online then you’ll often read about couples and their frustration over the wedding day cake. They tasted samples, saw what the cake would look like, and were so excited to cut the first slice! Then they tasted the cake. Wedding cakes are known to not be quite as tasty as they should be. Cake is great. For some reason when you mix it with the word wedding they can become dry and flavorless. Traditionally wedding cakes are cut at the reception and feature tier upon tier of delicate flowers or edible pearls. Having a wedding cake at your actual wedding is no longer something that must be done. More and more brides are opting to steer clear of the wedding cake altogether. If you would rather have a sweet treat without wondering if it will be dry and tasteless then don’t be afraid to go a different route. Cupcakes, cookies, and dessert bars are currently gaining momentum. It’s a great way to have a sweet treat at your wedding for less money and less worry taste-wise.

Inviting Guests ‘Just Because’

This is one commandment that might cause a lot of stir with family members or friends. But the fact of the matter is this – weddings are expensive. It doesn’t matter if you have a grand engagement or a small ceremony. Even things you thought were cheap turn out to be incredibly expensive. Renting seats, tables, and buying enough food for everyone can set your budget on fire. Guests are what make weddings an expensive affair. How can you get around inviting so many guests? By only inviting the people you truly want in attendance. It’s a novel concept for sure. Traditionally you invited guests that you didn’t really want in attendance just because that was how things went. In modern times it’s okay not to invite people you would rather not see at your wedding. Distant family members you barley see or friends you no longer talk to are probably not going to be hurt if they don’t make the cut. When you sit down to make a guest list with your partner, your focus should be on inviting people you truly want to see when you walk down the aisle.


If you have questions about wedding gowns or special occasion dresses, Labella Bridal is here to help. Call us at 703-494-2929 for more information.

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If you type the word bride into Google then your results page will show more than 200 million entries. That’s because brides are big business when it comes to wedding talk. Brides are the main focus of the day. Guests will constantly refer back to how beautiful the bride looked on her big day. While a wedding should be about a bride and her groom, there are a lot of hands at work to make sure the wedding goes off without a hitch and the bride feels pumped and ready to walk down that aisle. That’s where bridesmaids come in. Having a group of great bridesmaids can mean there’s a crew behind you ready to tackle whatever comes your way. Choosing your bridesmaids might take work but remember just how important they are to making your big day special. While you’re the center of the wedding, your bridesmaids are there making sure everyone knows it. If you’re trying to decide how best to celebrate your bridesmaids then check out these tips below.

Meaningful Gifts

Brides usually give their bridesmaids a little gift after the wedding to show their appreciation and love. If your bridesmaids have been amazing over the course of planning and preparing for your wedding then going beyond the usual gifts will make the day extra special. Try and consider the likes and dislikes of each bride. Getting a one-size-fits-all kind of a gift may not always go over well with your entire bridal party. Instead of lumping all of them together it might be a good idea to sit down with your partner and make a short list of ideas for each bridesmaid. Brides are always limited on time so jotting down quick notes one evening shouldn’t break the bank on your time budget. These gifts also never need to be extravagant. Buying expensive trinkets for the sake of it won’t show your brides any greater care than if you bought all of them items that celebrate your connection and gratitude towards each.

Team Mentality

It’s easy to build up a head of steam when you’re engaged in the balancing act known as planning a wedding. Rationale can sometimes be thrown out the window in favor of something a little less productive – pure chaos. Brides may need a reminder that one of the most important weapons in their arsenal against planning fatigue comes in the form of their personal bridesmaid army. Your bridesmaids aren’t just there waiting to watch you head down the aisle. If you have chosen close friends and family then keep in mind they are ready to help you with whatever you need. It can be small tasks like running to pick up invitations from a random location or big things like helping the groom finish his vows. Choosing to put your trust in the bridesmaids backing you up will mean a great deal to them. More than likely your bridesmaids want to be there when you need it most. Giving them tasks to accomplish will make them feel like part of the wedding team.

Remember Feelings

It might be cliché to talk about but a bride turning into a bridezilla still happens each and every year. Bridal stress has a funny way of turning a small issue into a major rip where brides are concerned. All the stress can eventually lead to a total meltdown. When the tornado starts it might just end with the bridesmaids getting swept up. It’s never a good thing. As a bride you should always keep in mind that people around you have feelings. After the wedding is done and over you might completely snap out of stress mode and go on with life. The people you have yelled at or fought with might not be able to forgive your behavior so easily. Always remember that taking your anger or stress out on your bridesmaids can have serious repercussions. If you feel a fight about to happen then step outside and get some air. Your bridesmaids likely want to help more than hurt. After all is said and done you still want to be close friends with that person. Taking the high road and remembering the feelings of friends will keep the boat steady.


If you have questions about wedding gowns or special occasion dresses, Labella Bridal is here to help. Call us at 703-494-2929 for more information.

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Bridal Gown

Weddings are pure magic. Whether you hold a grand affair at a huge venue in the heart of New York City or a small gathering at your favorite park, your wedding day is pure magic. Here at Labella Bridal we love playing the role of fairy godmother to make your big absolutely stunning! We wanted to share some of the beautiful pictures from Melissa and Perry’s wedding. The lovely couple looked absolutely stunning on the big day and we couldn’t be happier for them. Check out the pictures below and remember that Labella Bridal is always here to help you look your best for the next special occasion in your life. Credit for these photos goes to the talented photographer, Caitlin Murphy.











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Most people have been to a wedding at least once in their life. The traditional wedding is fairly simple when you’re attending as a guest. You’re seated along with friends or family members, the ceremony takes place, and finally you spend the rest of the evening enjoying music and cake at the reception. Receptions are what guests usually remember at the end of the day. They remember dancing, laughing, and the cake. Children attending your wedding always remember the cake. Guests see your reception as their chance to congratulate you on your big day. Receptions are where the fun happens. So what happens when you don’t actually want a traditional reception? It can get tricky. A reception is where you spend the most time with your guests. It’s where a lot of important moments can happen. Having a non-traditional reception can actually be fun. Sitting down to a dinner and sticking to formality might not be your cup of tea. For brides looking to break the mold then check out some of the ideas below. Labella Bridal is ready to help give you beautiful options for your unique reception.

Ice Cream Party

It doesn’t matter your age – ice cream parties are great. There is an endless amount of different topping combinations and ice cream to choose from. Not to mention this option can satisfy most taste buds and group members. Companies rent homemade ice cream machines for parties so you should be able to find machines relatively easy. Ice cream can also be made ahead of time and served during the reception. While this option is likely best done during warm months, a cold treat during winter can also be fun. Having an ice cream buffet is a great way to put a new twist on the whole reception tradition. Make sure to have a variety of ice cream available for your guests. The best part will be the toppings area. Fruits, candy, whip cream, and a lot of sauces will make for a fun part of the day. Hold a funky sundae contest with guests and see who can create the weirdest combination. It keeps guests talking, all age groups happy, and involves everyone.

Breakfast Weddings

Evening and afternoon weddings are the norm. Consider just how many brides get married at certain times during the day. So why not change things up a little when it comes to your wedding day? Having an early wedding has a lot of advantages. Some vendors may lower the price for your goods if it means getting multiple weddings in one day. Older guests unable to drive at night may find it hard to get to and from the reception hall. Couples with children might cut their attendance short in order to get kids home to bed. There are a variety of reasons why guests might not be able to stay long at an evening reception so a morning event can be perfect for some. What better way to celebrate a morning reception than by providing guests with a paradise of pastries? A custom omelet station can be just the thing to treat your guests to a delightful breakfast. Pastries are perfect and go well with anything. Having an early wedding can benefit everyone in your group.


A potluck can be an exciting twist on your reception. It can be a great way to make your guests feel included in the wedding day. A potluck can be formal or informal. Send out a notice to your guests to gauge if their cooking skills would lend well to providing something for the reception. It doesn’t matter if it’s snack foods or desserts – a potluck is about having a little of everything. Some guests may be able to whip up a lot more than your average cook. If you’re a bride or groom on a budget then remember just how important it is to save money where you can. Your guests will more than likely be delighted to help out when they can. Remember all the people over the course of planning your wedding who asked if they could help? This is the perfect opportunity to take them up on the offer. You can even have a theme to your potluck to make it a little more festive. Remember – a reception doesn’t have to be traditional affair. Mix things up and make it whatever you truly want.

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During the course of planning a wedding you will get to enjoy a lot of little magical moments. These are the moments that you’ll want to treasure and celebrate long after the big day. While planning and shopping is stressful, these moments during all the chaos can truly make you pause and remember how truly amazing the whole experience is. Magic moments can range from picking out the perfect flowers for your day to seeing how beautiful the reception hall will look. One of the biggest magical moments is, of course, shopping and choosing your wedding dress. Dress shopping is magical but tricky. Some brides go in without knowing anything about their ideal dress and other brides have a list with every last detail listed. Going from point A to B can be overwhelming. If you’re looking for a truthful guide to help you navigate through the dress shopping ordeal, check out the list below. Getting to that magical moment may be difficult but once you’re there it will be amazing.

Some Salespeople Lie

This isn’t exactly a shocking fact. Like in any field, salespeople can often be seen as more of a lion than a lamb. At large dress retailers it can be tricky to find out whether or not your salesperson is actually in the market of helping you out or just looking at you with dollar signs in their eyes. The shark salesperson is all about praising you whether or not the dress actually fits your body style. If you find yourself standing in a dress that you secretly don’t find all that attractive and your salesperson exclaims that this is the dress for you, it might be a good sign that you’re dealing with someone just looking to make a sale. It can be hard to look over the flattery and praise you’re getting from your salesperson. Knowing what to look out for can save you a lot of time and money. If your salesperson is constantly pushing a higher-priced dress, that’s never good. If your salesperson tries getting your family or friends on their side during the shopping trip, it’s time to look elsewhere. Not every salesperson is out for your wallet though. Shops and boutiques such as Labella Bridal are focused on giving their brides exactly what they want without the sneaky lies.

Your Shape is Beautiful – Remember That

It’s easy to fall into a tailspin of dress envy. You see a girl in a magazine with a dress on that you absolutely love. She may look nothing like you yet…you want that dress. You pull out the magazine during your shopping trip and show your salesperson the perfect dress. A good salesperson will tell you whether or not the dress will flatter your frame. Knowing your frame and knowing which dresses will flatter your figure is extremely important when you’re looking for your perfect gown. The beautiful thing about brides is that they come in all shapes and sizes. The wedding industry has taken note of this and provides brides of all shapes and sizes with perfect gowns for their beautiful day. Picking out a gown that flatters your figure will make shopping a much easier task. A good dress shop will provide you with expert stylists able to help you discover which dresses are ideal for you and similar to the vision you had in mind.

Firm Budgets

Budgeting for a wedding can make an accountant out of anyone. A money-conscious bride is likely to have reviewed her budget over and over again – down to the last penny. She knows where the money is going and how much she’s able to spend. If you have discussed the budget with your soon-to-be spouse then you know exactly how much you can spend on your dress. A firm budget is where things can get tricky for some brides. Shopping with a budget in mind is a great idea but if you find the perfect dress for a thousand more than you expected, backing away slowly might be the answer. Blowing your entire budget on a wedding dress isn’t likely to go over well with your other half. Similar dresses are fairly easy to find in this day and age. Finding a dress that you like within your budget is a lot easier with the ability to browse online before going in. So if you are ever on the brink of blowing your entire wedding budget for a single dress – take a step back and remind yourself that a firm budget exists to keep you from making this kind of mistake.


If you have questions about wedding gowns or special occasion dresses, Labella Bridal is here to help. Call us at 703-494-2929 for more information.

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Organization is a simple concept. It’s the idea of putting everything in the right place. As a child it was the idea of putting up your toys and keeping your room cleaned. The adult version of organization is a bit more complicated. Certain events in life require a healthy amount of organization to get through them and come out on the other side in a positive light. Having a baby, for one, requires an extreme amount of planning. Making sure you have all the little odds and ends, clothing, food, and baby proofing are all piled up on your lap. The other major event in life where organization is key to survival is your wedding. Taking a step back to look at all the parts of planning your wedding can send even the most organized bride running for the hills. Brides unable to call organization one of their strongest traits are in need of major help in making sure their day goes moderately well. Here are some easy organization tips for brides with little to no organization knowhow.

There’s an App for That

That phrase is popular for a reason. There is literally an app for everything you could want. Looking for the nearest brunch location? There’s an app to lead you there. Want your cat to entertain themselves? There’s an app to keep your cat busy with a mouse-catching game. The categories of apps range from banal to baffling, but the great thing about this is that you’ll more than likely be able to find the app you need for whatever you need it for. Getting organized for your wedding could be as easy as downloading the right app to your phone. There are hundreds of apps for organization on both iPhone and Android services. Even better than this is the fact that both carry apps specifically for brides trying to get organized when it comes to planning your wedding. While notebooks can get tossed aside and scraps of paper aren’t exactly the most trustworthy things to keep track of, keeping track of your phone is natural these days and having all your details in one place is easy.

Step by Step

If you’re unorganized to begin with then there’s only so much you can focus on without making a major mistake. For those who consider themselves excellent at multi-tasking then handling a few extra items on their list probably won’t knock them for a loop in the grand scheme of things. If you’re prone to not being organized and jumping around from task to task then it is best to focus on one issue until you get it done. Take your flowers for instance. If you’re trying to plan the flowers you’ll need for the day or deciding how many you need then focus on that task alone. If you start switching between flowers and other items on your wedding list then you may end up with a mess on your hands. While it might be hard to focus on one thing at a time when you’re planning a wedding, unorganized brides and grooms  should try and do one thing at a time to prevent accidentally ordering 300 rose bouquets instead of 300 napkins.

Talk it Out

Being organized is a learned trait. You can learn to be organized over time…or at least semi-organized. Even brides with color coded planners and continuous phone reminders can find themselves failing to keep certain things organized. That’s where help comes in. Telling friends, family members, even your wedding planner certain things can help you remember them and help them remind you. If you have a group of family assisting you in all things wedding then telling them your plans and what you think should happen will give you a better memory. When you sit down at your computer to order items for the wedding you mind can go blank in an instance. But if you’ve told someone the amount and what you need, thinking back to that conversation can save you from ordering the wrong thing. Plus relaying the information to them will give you a backup in case you truly can’t remember.


If you have questions about wedding gowns or special occasion dresses, Labella Bridal is here to help. Call us at 703-494-2929 for more information.

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At Labella Bridal, we are constantly honored by our brides and grooms for making our gowns and tuxedos look amazing on their big day. It never hurts to have an amazing photographer to make everything look absolutely magical. We want to take a moment and give a big shout out to Katelyn James Photography for their amazing work highlighting our dresses and creating beautiful scenes for Brad and Katie to treasure for the rest of their lives together.

We’re delighted to show off these wonderful photos. Labella Bridal was lucky enough to have provided the wedding dress, all the bridesmaid dresses, the mother of the bride dress, and the tuxedos for the amazing day. Check out the images below courtesy of Katelyn James Photography. Be sure to check out their site for more pictures from Brad and Katie’s beautiful ceremony.

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There is one thing most people can agree on when it comes to planning a wedding. It’s the simple fact that planning a wedding is hard work. In theory it seems incredibly easy. Invite guests, get food, reserve a venue, and enjoy the big day. Unfortunately there are a few more steps than that. Planning a wedding locally is hard enough but what about planning a wedding from the opposite coast or even another country? Think for a moment just how difficult it would be if you aren’t able to visit a location in person or talk face-to-face with a wedding planner. It seems like an overwhelming aspect but thousands of couples plan their weddings long distance each year. While it can be harder than planning the traditional way there are plenty of good steps to take in order to help your wedding day go smoothly once you arrive. Check out the tips below in order to make your long distance planning a little easier.

Find the Perfect Planner

This is crucial to making the whole long distance planning idea work. Having a wedding planner you trust with each and every step will make planning while away seem like you’re right there with the planner. Finding the perfect planner for your big day is more important than ever when you aren’t physically there to help figure stuff out. There are planners with experience helping brides with their long distance needs and finding a planner like this is always a great way to make the experience a lot easier. An experienced planner will be able to communicate effectively and efficiently. This means more pictures need to be shared, more conversations, Skype meetings, and a lot of other small things which make this type of planning much easier. The perfect planner for you will know how to get around certain obstacles, connect with the right vendors, and make the entire planning stage perfectly smooth. Start your planner search soon after getting engaged and make sure your find a planner you can trust without fear.

Be Extra Organized

Being organized for your wedding is almost a given. There are entire books dedicated to helping you get and stay organized when planning your big day. If you aren’t a naturally organized person in your everyday life then getting that way is extra important when it comes to planning a wedding long distance. Buy a large binder when you begin your planning and start adding whatever you need. Include a page for all the business cards or websites you find. Making a spreadsheet with important names and numbers can also be a major help. Just print it out and include it at the front of your book. There are a ton of iPhone or Android Apps ready and waiting to help you stay organized with a few pushes of a button. Being organized might not be the easiest thing in the world but when planning from afar the need to be organized is at the top of the list. Keep pictures, websites, important names, and notes of every last detail in a big binder and the minute you have a question – your binder will be there to save the day.

Finalize Details Before Arriving

At the end of the day planning your wedding in person or from afar comes down to a single idea. You want it all to be right before you walk down the aisle. The truth of the matter is that, if you’re planning a wedding long distance, you will have to make at least one trip prior to the wedding in order to finalize last minute details. If possible, try and make a visit a few months before the big day. That way you won’t feel nearly as rushed and most of the planning should be finished at that point in time. Duties like cake tasting and color choices require you to be present in order to complete. If you’re unable to visit a few months before the big day then do you very best to arrive a week or so before the wedding. Bring your planner and all the final details you need to go over with your wedding planner, family members, or your future spouse. Finalizing most of your details before arrival will ensure that the only things you have to worry about are the tasks you absolutely have to be there to accomplish.


If you have questions about wedding gowns or special occasion dresses, Labella Bridal is here to help. Call us at 703-494-2929 for more information.

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  • A picture from John Legend's wedding. Get our updates on our Facebook page:

    Pinned: 29 Nov 2013