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Arriving in Style for Your Wedding

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For many brides the day of your wedding is the one day of your life that you truly want to feel like a princess. You have the beautiful dress, you’re the star of the day, and your amazing partner is waiting at the end of the aisle for you. Each part of your wedding day serves to give you that special moment – from the time you arrive to the moment you wave farewell to well-wishers. That means your arrival to the big day should be nothing short of amazing. Think about it. Queen Elizabeth II has her gilded carriage, Cinderella had her Pumpkin, and Rapunzel has Maximus. There’s something to be said about starting your wedding day off on a high note by showing up in a spectacular fashion. Just make sure you’ve come up with a Plan B…just in case. Here are some delays you may want to be aware of when the time comes.

Animal Issues

Go online and search for videos containing horses bucking brides off during their arrival. The sight of it can alone make you cringe but consider being on the receiving end. Animals are, well, animals. It goes without saying that animals have their own set of rules. Your perfectly behaved stallion can be set off at the smallest of things. Horses pulling carriages have been known to spook when put in new circumstances. No matter which animal you choose to help liven up your arrival, just remember in the back of your mind that dealing with animals can be tricky from one day to the next. Always make sure you have someone qualified to assist.

Old Cars

There’s nothing quite like stepping out of a beautiful, polished car which harkens back to a time long ago where cars were much more than just cars. Depending on the car age there are some tricky things running under the hood which can break when you least expect them to. Classic cars are absolutely stunning but require a specific knowledge of how to drive them. If you’re a bride in the market of showing up in a show stopping care then plan to have an experienced driver handling the car for you. Letting a random wedding guest or friend take the wheel might result in you sitting on the side of the road with a malfunctioning vehicle.

Unique Transportation

Brides arriving via helicopter? Check. Brides flying in on tiny DIY-built planes? Sure. Brides hopping off trains as part of their grand arrival? It has happened before. There have been hot air balloons, sky diving, and even paragliding to your wedding day. These arrivals are exciting enough to leave lasting impressions on your wedding guests for years to come as well as giving you a great story to tell. But having a backup plan can save the day when your adventurous arrival doesn’t work out as planned. Trains get delayed, planes remain on the ground, and hot air balloons can’t fly in much wind. Having another idea will save your arrival and still leave an impression on your guests.

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