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Affordable Honeymoon Ideas

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Weddings can usually leave your pockets a little lighter than they once were. Wallets may be bone dry by the time you say “I do”. While throwing one wedding to remember is always worth it, consider what comes immediately after your wedding day – the honeymoon. When budgeting for your wedding day it’s important to set aside some funds for the first big trip you and your spouse take as a married couple. Fortunately there are plenty of honeymoon alternatives to staying in a luxury hotel or traveling around the world to indulge in that won’t take more than its fair share of your wedding budget.


Looking for a unique setting to start your married life in? Glamping has slowly become a fun, unique way to spend a few days getting in touch with nature. If you aren’t too keen on being one with nature then glamping is ideal. Instead of flimsy, cheap tends you’re more likely to stay in beautiful yurts or elegant canvass tends with plus beds as well as easy access to beautiful surroundings. If you’re willing to try something truly unique then camper rentals may also be the perfection option for a honeymoon you’ll never forget – though it won’t be because of the price.

Home Rentals

Airbnb type rental sites are continuing to dominate the industry. More people are choosing to avoid expensive rental properties and opt for something a little more personal. Properties can be found that are way below average for hotels in the area, plus some come with amazing amenities from thoughtful homeowners. If you prefer to travel on your honeymoon then consider this option.

A ‘Few-Day-Stay’

While this option might not be the most appealing of the group it has begun to gain traction where couples are concerned. Instead of taking the whole week to enjoy your honeymoon, rent a nice place for three days at most. Less days means you can afford a nicer destination, can get home and settle quicker, and generally feel refreshed instead of frazzled once your week away is up.


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